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The American football season generally begins in late August or early September. However, high school football season can begin as early as August. The start date for high school football varies widely depending on the state and school schedule. However, most games take place at the end of August or the start of September. Many fans tune in for the first game of the year, which is typically scheduled on the Thursday after Labor Day. The rest of the league then begins play on the following Sunday.

In 2022, the first game of the NFL season will take place on Thursday, September 8, 2022. The game will feature the defending Super Bowl champion, Los Angeles Rams, against the Buffalo Bills. The game will kick off at 8:20 p.m. ET and be broadcast on NBC and Peacock.

The 2021 NFL season will begin on Thursday, Sept. 8, and will feature a number of intriguing games in Week One. This season may even feature two Super Bowl contenders. The NFL’s 2022 season will also feature interesting matchups and games in Week One. You’ll be able to find NFL Week One picks for each game and make your picks accordingly.

The NFL is the most popular league of football in the United States. There are 32 teams, and games are divided into 17 weeks. Each team plays its division twice. It also plays games against other teams in the conference, and one non-conference team. The leagues are split into two divisions based on the previous season’s division rankings.


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