4 Essential Features of LMS that supports Student Engagement

Need for Student Engagement

The learning process plays a very important role in the life of every individual as it provides them with the necessary guidelines on how to conduct research and development as well as improve their knowledge. Considering the case of student engagement, existing research has highlighted that when students are engaged in the learning process it provides them with the necessary support in ensuring that they do not lose that interest in what is being taught in the classroom.

The lack of student engagement has many far-reaching consequences as it involves not having adequate understanding and thereby reducing the chances of better employment opportunities and the future. At a time when the educational sector is becoming increasingly competitive with students being provided with the opportunity of increasing their knowledge through online learning courses, student engagement can provide better support in retaining that knowledge.

In most cases it has been found that one of the major reasons why students do not feel confident when it comes to giving exams is because of the lack of engagement. It made it difficult for the students to understand the topic or logic behind any particular knowledge provided to them

Furthermore, it is also important to us that the educational sector is changing with students being provided both theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time. The goal behind such an act is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the student and provide them with the necessary skills required for survival in the job market. It is because of this reason it can be stated that student engagement will allow an individual to grow for the and become more attuned to what is being taught to them.

Role of Teachers

The teachers also contribute significantly to helping the student increase their engagement in the classroom. It is the responsibility of the teachers, to ensure that an interactive classroom session is developed and interested to increase their engagement in the classroom.

At this point the teachers can make use of the learning Management System software to effectively get a better understanding of what methods or strategies that can be incorporated. It will provide clarity to the teachers regarding the different methods that can be implemented in the school curriculum to provide better engagement to the students.

Through the use of the LMS Portals the teachers will also be able to learn about the different kinds of teaching methods. Considering the increasing preference being provided towards the use of digital Technologies, the teachers may take help from the LMS software to learn about different teaching styles that can contribute towards increasing engagement in the classroom.

Another major advantage that is associated with the use of the LMS software is that it can be effectively integrated with the school learning management system, thereby ensuring that progress can be easily measured.

Features of LMS supporting Student Engagement

In the following section a list of features of the learning management system that supports student engagement has been briefly explained.

Progress Tracking

Tracking the progress of the students is an essential duty of the teachers as it will provide them with clarity on whether the students are being able to engage with the classroom materials. The LMS feature allows for tracking the progress at different time intervals even after the courses are completed to assess the performance of the learner.

Course Management

The use of the following Technology also helps in delivering learning materials and other resources to the student directly. The delivery is not just limited to uploading the courses online but also and sharing that the content is reaching the right candidate.

Mobile Learning

One of the most effective features of LMS software that allows learners to train anytime and anywhere to the use of any kind of devices. Considering the increasing preference provided towards smartphones, a student and teacher can interact with each other through LMS portals on these devices.

Social Learning

The concept of social learning is gaining a lot of importance in the market as it provides students with an opportunity to interact with others. In this way it becomes possible to increase engagement in the classroom and the same can also be conducted through the LMS technology. It has features called social tools that allows the students to publish their articles or discussions thereby creating more engagement.

By tracking students’ progress, teachers can understand if their students are learning actively and understanding the concepts taught in the classroom. The LMS system makes it possible to track students’ activities and personalize their learning.

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