4 Signs Of Bed Bugs To Watch For

Bedbugs are oval shaped insects known to find habitation on the body of humans or animals. They could be very flat in nature. They do not fly but can walk very fast when they are on the floor or any flat surface. Bedbugs tend to get reddish when they are over fed.


There is a problem! Most people do not know when they have a bedbug infestation already. They could be seeing a sign bit just one sign alone might not be enough to confirm that you are having a bedbug infestation in your home. You will find out 4 signs of bedbugs that you should watch out for. Are you in search of an agency that would help you terminate pests? Check out Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services in Philadelphia PA.

Signs Of Bedbug In The Home

Blood stains on your sheets

As stated earlier these insects can get really reddish when they are overfed. At that point, they could die which would cause it to leave a reddish stain on your bed sheet. Once you start to notice some of these things repeatedly then you might be suffering a potential bedbug infestation.

Dark excretory products on your bed

Anywhere these insects find expression is where they stay permanently and do all of their activities. Excretion is one of those activities that they may carry out on your bed. When you begin to find out dark tiny materials on your bed then that is a bedbug excretory product. It is a sign to watch out for.

Egg shells of bugs on the bed

This is another activity that is carried out on your bed. Reproduction! They could be fecal spots that you would find or shedded skins. Either of them, when you begin to find out their shells on your bed or their skins then there is a possible infestation of bugs in the home.

An offensive odor

Bugs are known to give off some kind of musty odor wherever they find themselves. If you notice a reoccurring musty odor from your sheets then you should check out for bedbugs. They could be the next problem you might be having in the home.

Now that you have seen 4 signs of bedbugs in the home, it is not enough! What can be done to get rid of them?

How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Change your beddings

Since the damage is starting from the bed then that is the first place your attack should be centered on. Take out your beddings and if possible, let them be outside where there would be enough sunlight to touch it.

Take care of the cracks in the beddings

Sometimes there might be cracks already in the wood which could be where some of these bugs come from. It is best to try fixing all of those cracks and generally any crack in your home so that they do not gain entrance.

Cover your bed with high cotton cloths

High cotton cloths would actually help after you must have fixed the cracks and the bedding itself. When you have done all of that then you can now go ahead to get a bed cover that is strong enough and would not harbor bugs.

Use pesticides

Pesticides are a good option for things like this. Walk into a store and purchase the pesticides they have for stink bugs. Ensure that it is one that would work effectively for them.

Try this simple home remedy

Get a water bottle, add hot water, dish soap and white vinegar. Shake the mixture together and spray on them. You are sure to get the best results.

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