5 Ways To Make The Best Of The Five Latest Google Ads Features

Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing has revolutionized how brands and businesses run their ad campaigns. It introduced a cost-effective way to track ad spending while getting the highest value for money. With its extensive use in today’s business world, businesses can consider Whitelabel PPC to save time while boosting their results.

However, Google Ads has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 2000s. With the constant evolution of marketing tool and their features, business owners need to understand how best to leverage the latest features. This article covers the five latest Google Ads features and how brands and businesses can make the best of them.

The New Google Ads Features In 2022

As one of the biggest tech companies and search engines, it has become important for Google to continuously improve its products and services to keep users and buyers interested and satisfied. The drive to be better has caused the company to revamp and introduce new features that offer more benefits to users while helping them target their specific audience.

In 2022, Google introduced some new updates and features, including AI, which has changed how brands and businesses relate to the Google Ads platform as a continuous marketing tool.

Exploring these new features can help you better understand how to make the best use of your money and get the most out of your marketing budget. Here are five of the latest features on Google Ads and how to use them best.

Google Ads Local Campaign

One of the latest features of the PPC marketing tool is the Google Ads local campaign which helps users to focus more on the specific demography of customers, especially those located within a certain catchment area.

This new feature can be used by businesses and digital marketers to track conversions to specific locations, ensuring that they collect and gather relevant data to drive their business and improve their ad campaigns.

Google’s data reports that about 30% of mobile search queries correspond to local searches. The data further revealed that approximately 75% of local search queries often translate to store visits within a 24 to 48-hour period, which points to the power of local searches and targeting.

With the new ads feature for local campaigns, companies can better tailor their campaigns based on users’ GPS and location information. For example, payment processing companies can tailor their ads to show up when customers are near commercial stores.

Google Smart Shopping

Google is on the path to making tailored solutions simpler for its users and has launched the smart shopping feature, which benefits both search engine users and business owners or advertisers. With new conversions considered more important than return customers, businesses can now target new customers using the Google smart shopping feature.

The feature helps advertisers easily calculate the customer’s total lifetime value, allowing them to optimize how they acquire new customers.

Advertisers can proceed to the “New Customer Acquisition” option in their smart shopping campaign settings to set an incremental price they are willing to pay for newly converted customers compared to returning buyers.

Free Google Shopping Listing 

Businesses can now get started on Google Shopping for free. While Google Shopping is still a paid PPC avenue, you can get free traffic from it, especially after Google ejected other price comparison websites from the SERPs.

Getting the most out of the Google Shopping feature requires optimizing every single product as best as possible. This ensures you have a better chance of getting found, generating clicks, and ultimately increasing your conversion rates.

Pay For Conversions

Google Ads has remained a great way for businesses and brands to monitor their ad spending by paying only for the conversions generated. This largely remains the same, especially as businesses can enjoy free impressions for display even when they don’t necessarily pay for conversions.

With this feature, businesses and brands can improve their visibility while not necessarily paying when customers don’t make clicks to their websites or online stores.

Gallery Ads And Showcase Shopping Ads

This is perhaps the biggest and most aesthetically attention-seeking feature on the new Google Ads interface. You can now test both gallery and showcase shopping ads on search, especially as recent data proved that as much as 85% of all users pay more attention to visually stimulating information.

With the gallery ads and showcase shopping ads, you can essentially appeal to a larger audience, improve your conversion rate, and ultimately generate a lot more revenue for your business and brand.

Leveraging the above features will ultimately put you in the top position for search, conversion, and sale. However, you can go a step higher by hiring experienced PPC experts to handle the process.

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