6 Best Pinata Cake You Must Try if Living in Ghaziabad

Do you have an anniversary in the coming days? What is the pinata cake? If you are facing such questions, then you are at the right article.

There are hardly any people who do not love cakes to eat. This is the most delicious item in this world. When you go to buy a cake from a bakery shop or online site, then you will find that there are varieties of cake forms like a cupcake, jar cake, pinata cake, single or double pound cake, and more.

Pinata cake is the most lovable and famous cake in India. You will get a hammer to explore the magic inside the ball, where you will find tasty treats like chocolates, gems, or baked cake. You can easily order this cake over the internet.

Moreover, these cakes come in varieties and if you want to know the types of pinata cakes, then move into this article.

6 Best Pinata Cake To Buy In Ghaziabad

If you are living in Ghaziabad and searching for online cake delivery in Ghaziabad, then you must know the types of pinata cakes available at various e-commerce sites. Also, you can find these trending Pinata cakes at any famous online cake delivery platform in whatever location you are living apart from Ghaziabad. And here are the six best pinata cakes you can buy online.

1] Round Choco Pinata Cake

The Round choco pinata cake is one of the unique collections of cakes that is loved by everyone. This is an eggless cake with sparkly candles. This pinata cake will just increase your celebrations with joy and happiness. The shape of the cake is round with the fillings of choco inside. You will get the hammer along with the cake to explore the surprise inside the ball. Along with the cake, 4 KitKat chocolates, gems, and 2 Ferrero rocher are available with chocolate truffles inside.

You can easily order this cake from online sites and celebrate your joyful moments with the cake.

2] Pinata Red Velvet Cake

This is another unique pinata cake to explore from the cake stores. You will get this cake with a wooden hammer. The cake is coated with a thick layer of milk chocolate designed with some silver sugar balls on top of the cake. It looks amazing and gives twinkles and swirls on the side of the cake. When the cake is broken by the hammer, Vanilla Frosting velvet crumbs are seen on the top of the cake.

You can easily order an eggless cake just at your doorstep, which is available at different online sites.

3] Happy Anniversary Blueberry Pinata Cake

Every couple waits and plans for their anniversary dates, and cake is the first choice they plan. Blueberry pinata cake is just designed for the anniversary. When a hammer is placed over a cake, a sweet, moist blueberry cake appears.

The covers are made with white chocolates and when they break sweet delicacies, leave with love blueberry cake. If you also want to surprise your wife, then order this anniversary blueberry pinata cake which is delivered fresh to your doorstep.

4] Dad Mustache Pinata Cake

When you want to impress your dad, order dad mustache pinata cake for him, this is another variety of pinata cakes from cakes and bake stores available online or locally. On this cake, you will get a hammer. When you break it with a hammer, the cake will be explored from the inside, including some gems. The text is typed with dad, and mustaches are drawn over the cake.

This could be the perfect gift you can give to your father, grandfather, and many more to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions.

5] Diamond Heart Pinata Cake

Diamond heart pinata cake is another great exploration of pinata cakes in this era. Along with this cake, you will get a hammer, 4 KitKats, and 2 Ferrero Rochers with the chocolate truffle cake inside the shell. Gems are also included in the chocolate cake with love written on the top of the cake.

So, order and give gifts to your loved ones from various e-commerce sites. They will surely love your efforts.

6] Whiteforest Hammer Pinata Cake

Whiteforrest hammer pinata cake is also a good choice to order for any occasion, party, or festival. The cake is made of white forest cake flavor on top of the cake and inside you will get a hammer, sparkles candles, chocolates, and more. You may order this cake with other gift items if you want to make your day special and memorable. It is easily available at online sites at an affordable price,


At the end of this article, you now know about the varieties of pinata cakes available at various e-commerce sites. Although, there are other varieties of pinata cake that you can order, like the yummy pineapple ball pinata cake, choco spidy pinata cake, ball of chocolate passion, panda pinata cake, and more. So, order this unique cake and make someone’s day special by gifting them.

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