7 Motion Graphics Examples You Should See Now

You have seen some intriguing videos and felt attracted towards them because of their appealing graphics and animations. Well, you need something that will astound your viewers if you want your video to become viral in no time.

That’s why many businesses are looking for agencies that provide motion graphics services.

To make outstanding videos, one of the approaches you can opt for is to try to create motion graphics. If you are new to this word, let’s first understand what exactly a motion graphic video is.

What is Motion Graphics?

Animation involves motion graphics, yet text plays a significant role. Basically, animated graphic design is what it is. Videos using motion graphics are aesthetically appealing and frequently used to describe a service, procedure, or idea.

Additionally, these videos promote active storytelling and allow the artists to let their imaginations wander freely. Motion graphics may be used to interact with the audience and develop the plot.

They may convey a message to us when paired with appropriate music and persuasive writing and the motion graphics pricing according to your budget.

Why do most brands prefer motion graphics?

Now that smartphones are widely used and online communities are video-oriented, video content has increased. Although there are numerous other forms of content that may hold viewers’ attention, motion graphic videos are especially well suited to assist companies in communicating their narrative.

Motions graphics can:

Catch your emotional instinct with moving animations, aesthetic tone, and an appealing story.
Help customers understand your brand message easily.
Create recall about the services and products your company is selling.
Create an everlasting connection between your brand and the digital audience.

Motion Graphics Example

Let’s walk through some of the great motion graphics examples that are available on the internet:

1.   ICT Video

This illustrated motion graphics video demonstrates the integration of company data into your production chain via ICT.

This animated video demonstrates the necessity of integrating real-time production condition visibility with provenance and commodity recovery. Anyone who wishes to keep up with trends and flaws in manufacturing processes may learn a lot from this seamless operations management.

2. Google Cloud

Ideas can often seem fairly difficult to visualize. Nonetheless, this Google illustration uses simply a blend of normal visuals, motion, and abstract forms to address the extremely nebulous topic of data collecting, dissemination, and retention. Without a doubt, the foundation of Google’s video library is this motion graphics video.

3. Industry 4.0

No less than a difficult undertaking, describing the industrial revolution was made much easier by Deufol with this breathtaking motion graphics video. Although the visuals are rather good, the content that is prominently displayed is what keeps it distinctive.

Additionally, the video features a clear narration to explain a complex issue and deftly thread in their remedy. This video is a fantastic example of how important copy can be when using video to convey your message.

4. American Express Campaign

This American Express video uses an engaging and entertaining animation to describe the benefits of credit cards. This video demonstrates that commercial ads aren’t simply for introducing new items or boosting sales. In addition, you may find articles about big data, social networks, and IT professions.

5. Reddit

The video serves as an excellent example of how animated motion graphics may employ a humorous aesthetic.

The writing has a subtle sense of humor, and the pictures are entertaining and sincere. It looks as lively as possible, thanks to the great work of the animator. This fantastic keyframe animation video might be a great resource if you want to advertise a phone device, site, etc.

6. Slack

Watch this amazing Slack video if you need any ideas for your animated motion graphics production. It perfectly illustrates how a simple concept can have a profound effect.

To compliment the screenplay, these videos are imaginatively animated with straightforward geometric forms taken from the brand colors. It may be one of the greatest videos showing how well you can convey a topic.

7. Bitcoin

This video explains a difficult topic to viewers while also providing them with stunning graphics that have practically everyone on the globe shaking their brains.

Not to mention that this video perfectly captures Bitcoin’s future character in a cutting-edge graphic format. It’s a great illustration of how the use of motion graphics design can provide a certain extract that strengthens a video’s narrative.

8. Digital Ocean Video

The Digital Ocean cartoon motion graphics illustration is succinct but captivating. This amazing motion graphics animation imaginatively demonstrates the idea in just a minute.

It uses isometric drawings, a monochrome color scheme, and an upbeat narration. This one is one of the best illustrations of how profound short clips can be.

9. Keanu Reeves VO Video

Using a famous person’s voice will undoubtedly aid in the creation of excellent, intriguing motion graphics. Even with its Hollywood narration, this video still shines.

While Keanu Reeves explains the online world and its history, the motion graphics’ striking, elevated style creates a technological, menacing, but unsettling atmosphere. The genuine spectrum of feelings you may provoke using computer animation is demonstrated in each video.

10. Eurika Internet Marketing

The goals of Eurika, an internet advertising agency, are to serve the requirements of small- and medium-sized businesses. Using content strategy, dissemination, and marketing platforms, aids businesses in being noticed online, converting consumers, and tracking outcomes.

This amazing animated motion graphics video shows how Eurika enables companies to create a strong online reputation.

In Conclusion

The aforementioned motion graphics illustrations provide good proof of how frequently companies are now including videos in their promotional campaigns.

In light of this, developing a concise tone and appearance for your videos would be a wonderful place to start if you, too, intend to produce this type of content accompanied by a crystal-clear narrative.

If you are looking for a motion graphics service provider, look no further, as we at BuzzFlick provide excellent motion graphics services for your business tailored to your needs.

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