All you need to know about a Solar Heater

Solar energy is one of the most cost-effective and clean forms of energy. It only requires the initial cost of buying a solar panel and installation. The maintenance cost of solar is meager and can be as rare as two to four years. This article will guide us in looking at the factors we should consider when buying solar water heaters in Kenya.

In Kenya, the sun rises throughout the year. Solar energy can therefore be used for heating water without interruption by seasons. There are a variety of solar heaters in the Kenyan market today. The prices of these solar heaters are affected by various factors, which include;

The type of the solar heater

There are two categories of solar water heaters. The active solar heater uses electricity to circulate water through its system or a heat transfer liquid. Using electricity increases the overall cost of this type of solar heater by about 10 to 20%. We also have the passive solar heater, which relies on gravity for water to circulate through it as its heat. The active solar heater can also have metal rods dipped into the water storage container and used for heating. These solar heaters are more reliable, easy to maintain, and have a longer lifespan. They are less costly and more efficient than the active system. Passive solar heaters can also be categorized as pressurized and non-pressurized water heaters. Pressurized solar heaters are more expensive and preferable than non-pressurized solar heaters.

Size of the solar water heater

Solar heater prices in Kenya increase with an increase in size. It is essential to determine the correct size of a solar heater system for your needs. A small or less powerful solar water heater will disappoint the savings on electricity as one will have to substitute them with electricity.

The efficiency of the system

You can refer to a rating and certification Corporation website for efficiency ratings of a given solar water heater system. The assessment is based on water use, latitude, solar resources, seasons and temperature variation. Computer programmers can also help to get the ideal solar water heater system.


Some solar water heater storage systems are galvanized, while others have stainless steel. Galvanized or the stainless steel varieties are preferable for the water heater systems since they are more durable. However, they come at a higher cost than the average solar water heater.


There are an adequate number of solar water heater dealers in the country. Suppose you want to get the best quality solar water heater. Choose an experienced dealer for them to help you maintain and install your solar water heaters. They should as well be licensed and certified to guarantee quality. Their costs may be a bit higher, but the repair or maintenance of solar water heaters is reduced if the installation process is done correctly. The dealer should also offer you a warranty in case of a malfunctioning solar water heater.


The above factors are essential when a solar water heater. Therefore, a buyer needs to consider when to select the best solar water heater. The buyer should not only consider the cost since you may buy a cheap product that will not serve them right.

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