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A good music software can help you organize your music library and create a diverse collection of your favorite tracks. For instance, VIP Music is a useful tool for creating setslists and multis. In addition, there is also a patch browser for locating music files and a diversity strategy.

Patch browser

The VIP intelligent patch browser allows you to find and select sounds by instrument type, timbre, style and more. It also integrates sound patches from VST virtual effects. With its intuitive search and browse functions, it makes browsing your plugin library quick and easy.

The new version of VIP, VIP 2.0, has a variety of new features. For instance, it can allow you to layer up to eight patches from one or more plugins. Additionally, it supports viewing large plugin interfaces directly inside the application. And it includes a built-in “tagging” function that automatically adds tags to the patches you import manually.

In addition, VIP Setlists provide on-demand access to user-curated instruments. This makes it easy to recall and play Multi’s and other presets during a live performance.


Setlists are a popular topic among the music crowd. During concerts, many artists have a standard list they use during every performance. Some even have predetermined slots for songs during their sets. This may be because the artist wants to make sure they’re playing the right songs at the right time.

Setlists are also an excellent way to display song data in an organized manner. You can use Setlists to import your favorites from a variety of sources, including Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. You can also create an Excel spreadsheet, and export it to a format of your choice. These files can then be retrieved from a variety of locations, such as an Apple Watch, and synced to other devices for playback purposes.

A set list is a great way to make your own custom sets. Most performers will make use of the same song listing for every concert, but some will vary the list based on the venue. The Grateful Dead are a great example. Using Setlists you can make an outdoor venue look just as good as the insides.


The latest version of the Virtual Instrument Player from VIP Music Software boasts a number of notable upgrades. In the new edition, there are some notable additions to the flagship software, including a new plugin map and a Custom Control Mode. This combination of features provides unfettered creative freedom, allowing users to take their virtual instrument collection to the next level. For instance, VIP’s new Featured Multi allows users to combine up to eight patches from different instruments and effects, allowing them to quickly layer, mix, and pan these patches in a single, seamless session.

Other enhancements include support for larger monitors and a more comprehensive set of VST effects. Additionally, VIP’s latest iteration includes a new feature that is designed to make tweaking key effect parameters as easy as swiping your finger on a touchscreen.

HP Connected Music

HP Connected Music is a music platform that offers users access to an incredible library of songs. The service allows them to create custom playlists, discover new artists, share their favorite stations with friends and earn exclusive rewards. It is a free Android app.

HP Connected Music is a partnership with Universal Music Group. Users will be able to access the Universal Music catalogue, for 12 months. All songs on HP Connected Music are DRM protected. This means that they can only be listened to and shared by the user, and they cannot be copied to any other device.

In addition to HP Connected Music, HP and Universal Music have also teamed up for the launch of No Doubt’s concert in Paris. Fans who were unable to attend the concert were invited to watch a live stream of the performance on the HP YouTube channel.

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