Are Above Ground Pools Worth Your Money?

Let’s face it – swimming pools are expensive.  The ones that we install in the ground are especially so, considering everything that’s involved there.  Usually, it involves hiring a contractor and potentially a whole construction team to make sure that everything gets done properly.

Most of us out there don’t really want to have to deal with all of that hassle.  While that used to be our only option if we wanted to swim at home (but not in, you know, a kiddie pool), that’s not the case anymore!  These days, we have a lot more options at our disposal.

Primarily, there is the above ground pool.  If you’re not familiar with them, or if you’ve already been considering one but haven’t been certain about it, make sure to stick around.  Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look as to whether or not they’re really worth the cash.  Specifically, we can compare them to an in-ground pool.

Is Swimming Really Worth it?

Now, the first thing that we should ask ourselves here is whether it’s even worth buying a swimming pool in the first place.  Is being able to go in whenever we want really worth it?  Well, that’s something that you’ll need to consider on your own, but there are studies showing that it has a lot of health benefits.  You can read about that here:

Now, if you don’t enjoy it at all, then the answer is probably “no.”  Still, since you’re reading this article, we can work under the assumption that you do like to swim.  In that case, given the additional health benefits that we can enjoy from this sort of exercise, it’s a safe bet to say “yes.”  What’s next?

What is an Above Ground Pool?

At some point or another, most have us have seen one.  They’re a type of swimming pool that is still private and can go into your backyard, but they come with a lot less work than the traditional styles that go in the ground.  Most of them are also less expensive than the other option.

The majority of them will be a round above ground swimming pool, since they can fit almost anywhere – even in smaller backyards.  We can trace their popularity back to that aspect of them in general.  They still provide a private experience that’s preferable to going to a public pool, but without taking up the space of an in-ground one.

On top of that, they’re typically going to be a lot less expensive as well.  That’s easily the most frustrating part of trying to install a big one in the yard.  Bringing in a contractor isn’t cheap, and you never know what you might end up digging up, too.

So, if you’re looking to save some cash there but you still want to enjoy swimming at the drop of a hat, then the above ground ones might be a solution for you.  They’re something to consider, at least!

Should You Get One this Spring or Summer?

Are you and your family swimming fiends?  Do the kids jump at the opportunity to visit the public pool, even if you aren’t necessarily the biggest fan of making that particular trek?  Well, you’ve probably already thought about getting a private pool at one point or another.

The question is often whether or not you have the money for it, and if it’ll be worth it in the long term.  You can see some evidence here on this page as to why it can pay off, if you’re curious.  Pools do require maintenance, but it’s generally not all that difficult so long as you keep up with it.

In tandem with that, you can even get the kids to help out with some of the cleaning!  Obviously, any chemicals should probably be handled by an adult.  However, skimming to get any leaves or bugs out can be delegated.  A lot of little ones will even find that sort of stuff fun, depending on how we frame it.

Really, one of the best parts of having a pool at home is being able to spend time with your friends and family in it.  Especially in the summertime, it can be a blast to invite friends over and host a little party or something.  Folks can bring their swimsuit along and it can be an awesome time.  Bring some food into the mix to really make things perfect!

If you’ve been on the fence about an above ground pool because you’re not sure how worth it they are, hopefully this article has been some help.  They’re quite durable, and the fact that they cost a lot less is certainly appealing.  The only real drawback is maintenance, but that’s the case for any type of pool you get!

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