Best Restaurants Near Me Halal Food Certified.

Halal food demand is increasing with every passing day, and most people who want to join the food industry try to open a Halal Food Restaurant to be successful. 

Halal-certified restaurants are a good business nowadays, and the competitors do different tricks to be on top of the list. Still, which is the best restaurant near me, halal food certified, is a question that bothers many food lovers, and I was one of them.

Then I tried the food from the different restaurants and snack shops near me and found two 100% certified halal restaurants with the most delectable and tasty food. 

Best Restaurants Near Me Halal Food Certified.

I found two best halal-certified food restaurants whose food never disappoints you. It not only satisfies your hunger but gives the most delicious and flavorful taste to your tongue that you will never forget and will always want to visit again and again.

Crimson Coward

Crimson Coward is the biggest name in the food industry. Its specialty is Nashville hot chicken, and you cannot find Hot Chicken anywhere else more delicious than Crimson Coward. 

The chicken they use in their recipes is certified halal, free from hormones and antibiotics, and non-GMO chicken that comes from reputable forms and has a unique taste. Taste of Crimson Coward Nashville Hot Chicken is more flavorful, unique, and delicious because they use a special crimson rub with 16 primary and 32 secondary spices to make it different from other restaurants. 

When chicken is marinated in these spices for the whole night, all the taste of this special crimson rub enters the chicken, and you will get the best hot chicken. You just have to decide what level of heat you can handle.

Big Al’s Pizzeria

Big Al’s pizzeria is one of a kind that provides the best halal restaurant near you. Big Al’s gives you a wide variety of pizzas, wings, and desserts with the most delicious and flavorful taste you will never forget. 

BBQ beef briskets also surprise food lovers with their unique smoky and juicy taste. Big Al’s serves their guests the best ingredients and recipes made from fresh halal-certified, and high-quality products. 

Get exclusive food offers and birthday rewards and enjoy the most delicious food at this halal restaurant with the best environment suitable for family. They are committed to providing the most delicious and nutritious halal food. 

Desserts and beverages are also available so that you can get your favorite drink and dessert with your favorite food. Pizzas available at Big Al’s pizzeria is of different shape, and you can get two different taste of pizza in one pizza with their unique pizza named half and half pizza. Thus, their specialty gives you the taste of two pizzas in one pizza.


Finding the best restaurant near me, halal food certified, is a tough job, and I hope this post will solve your problem and you will easily enjoy halal-certified food at a good place or at your doorstep.

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