Building a Watch Collection? Here Are Some Tips to Choose a Unique One 

People collect different kinds of things for different kinds of reasons. Some just get obsessed with something, some have a history from childhood that they want to embrace even when they grow up, and some just love history. One of the things that people mostly collect are coins, teddy bears, postcards, dolls, stamps, and watches.

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Why Do People Collect Watches?

The reasons why people collect watches are numerous. Dr. Richard Moulding, a clinical psychologist and specialist in compulsive behavior, said that people collect watches due to their technological side in terms of their movements, the advancements in precision, and their aesthetics. Collecting watches is not just about gaining them but also having knowledge about them. People who collect watches don’t just go around and buy every watch they see; it’s deeper than that. They begin by researching them, and the more they learn about their past, the more attached they become. Watch lovers collect watches because they love the chase, they are fascinated by mechanical art, or they do it because watches are part of history and tell stories. Another reason why people would want to collect watches, especially vintage ones, is because they are one of a kind, and who wouldn’t want something that nobody else has?

How to Collect and Choose Unique Watches

Some people usually start collecting watches at a young age, when they get a watch as a birthday gift. Some people inherited a watch from their grandparents, and they were mesmerized by the story of it. If you are a newbie and you want to start collecting, the first thing you should do is educate yourself regarding the types of watches, because there are many of them. Learn the difference between quartz and mechanical watches. By educating yourself and researching, you will know what types of watches you want to collect. The old ones, the new ones with amazing mechanical art on them, or designer watches.

Types of Watches to Collect

Dive watches are the most universally collected type of watch. There are a lot of “one-time watch collectors” who have dive watches.

Dress watches are the most common type of watch that people wear, even if they do not collect watches. They are the most elegant watches because they are very minimalistic and designed to pair with any type of suit.

GMT watches. GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time and is a timepiece that is typically designed for travelers and pilots because this type of watch displays multiple time zones.

Field watches are military-inspired watch that was designed with a stainless steel case and durable leather for soldiers to wear during the war. Now the automatic field watch is used due to its functionality and accuracy.

Swiss-made automatic field watch are high-end luxury timepieces that are built for everyday wear and use, along with a wide variety of different adventurous activities

But the most recognized brand of watches in the world is Swiss watches. They are a work of art and make you stand out, probably because they are all handmade. It is the standard of their mechanism and their strong and unique materials that make these watches one of the best in the world.

Watch Lover or Watch Collector

However, you don’t need to be a watch collector in order to wear watches. They are known as one of the best accessories that a person can wear. No matter the occasion, whether you’re going to work, just grabbing a cup of coffee, or going to the gym, you will always look put together when wearing a watch. And if you’re a watch collector, you probably have a watch for every occasion, such as a digital watch for running or going to the gym, a dive watch for swimming in the ocean, or just a simple, one-of-a-kind vintage watch that goes with every suit you own.

The reason why people collect watches may be different from one another, but the main reason is that they are all watch lovers. People who like to collect watches tend to have specific and unique information about their types of watches. The desire to collect can develop from childhood into adulthood. This type of hobby doesn’t really start at a certain age because it might be something that you’ve always loved, but until you had a great watch, you didn’t know that you were a watch lover.

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