Buy Bolt Energy Chews For Those Pick-Me-Up Moments

If you’ve never decided to buy bolt energy chews before, then you won’t yet know just how much of a pick-me-up they can give you when you need it the most. However, not that many people are even aware they exist – but they should! It is quite hard to put into words just how effective they are, so what we’ll do is create a scenario.

Imagine yourself if you will, sitting at your desk on a Tuesday morning when your eyes start to droop, and your productivity drops through the floor. quite common to have this kind of lull at the mid-way point of the morning, and you could get rid of it for a short period of time with a strong coffee. 

Caffeine Only Offers a Temporary Reprieve From Tiredness

The problem with a cup of joe though is that the way it stops you from feeling tired is by blocking the effects of adenosine – a natural body chemical that builds up as you tire. It does so with caffeine, and unlike when you buy bolt energy chews for the problem, it can leave you feeling even more tired when that caffeine wears off. 

Caffeine doesn’t stop adenosine from being produced, so it can still continue to build up so that when the support of coffee wears off (and it can happen fast!), all that adenosine hits home, you’re going to feel more like curling up on the floor than working. 

Regular Candy Doesn’t Work For Long Either

Some people feel inclined to reach for candy when fatigue hits, and while a boost of refined sugar can offer a short-lasting boost of energy, it can soon dissipate. You see, again unlike when you buy bolt energy chews to eat, consuming candy results in a sharp spike in insulin so that the body can turn the food into energy.

However, as with caffeine, this sugar rush is short-lived, meaning you end up feeling even more worn out than before. The good news is that there is an answer and it’s protein-shaped! 

Buy Bolt Energy Chews For Sustained Energy All Day Long

Bolt energy chews are made by a company called Probar, and they’re used widely by active people for sustained energy. Containing long-lasting organic energy, as well as vitamins, complex carbohydrates, electrolytes and real fruit, they give exactly the right kind of fuel. 

What’s more, they’re better for your teeth and won’t give you that guilty feeling that usually accompanies eating something sweet and tasty. Too much coffee can also leave you feeling jittery – which is not pleasant at all – if you keep going back to it to keep you going. 

So, if you want a boost of energy to be those awful daytime slumps, have a pack of these bad boys in your work bag. When all those around you are feeling tired from taking conventional fatigue-busting measures, you can soar and reach your full potential. 

Worth considering for that reason alone, wouldn’t you say?

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