Can Moderate Alcohol Consumption Benefit Your Heart?

You must have heard the proverb ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ but what about ‘some alcohol a day keeps heart problems away?’ Yes that’s right! Infact, recent research has proven what we all considered to be a myth spread by some alcoholic. How can alcohol be good for something? Well, it is and that fact can’t change. 

Let’s discuss what moderate alcohol consumption is and how it can change your health status. So, buckle up because this piece is determined to surprise you with facts related to mindful alcohol consumption. 

What Is Moderate Drinking?

Before we dig into the research regarding beneficial mindful alcohol consumption or even the positive effects of it, let’s discuss what amount of drinking is moderate drinking? Well we don’t want any alcohol lovers hyping themselves up so before you give yourself a pat on the shoulder, let’s talk about the level of alcohol that can benefit your heart. Moderate drinking translates to one drink per day. Now this serving of alcohol called ‘one-drink’ means one 12 ounce of beer, one 4-5 ounce of wine and one 1 ½ ounce of liquor – that much alcohol consumption is not risky for healthy individuals. You might be surprised by this amount but wait till we tell you what level of moderate drinking is required for good cardiovascular health among heart patients.

No more than 3.5-5 servings per week can be beneficial for the heart! Better heart health among heart disease patients was observed upon consumption of this level of alcohol as compared to heavy drinkers. Even 7 servings per week showed no improvement in heart health. So, while 7 servings per day might be considered to be moderate drinking but it doesn’t affect your heart in a positive or negative manner. So, if you’re a heart patient and want to gain the benefits of alcohol consumption, you’ll have to stick to the lowest level of servings i.e, 3.5-5 per week. 

If you’re an alcoholic, that must sound scary but trust in oneself can change a lot. To keep  your drinking habits in check and to help you on your journey to moderate drinking, Sunnyside is ready to help you track your alcohol consumption and plan the perfect schedule for you to overcome heavy drinking. 

Results of Research Regarding Impacts of Moderate Drinking 

A study of the Chinese population was discussed at the American Heart Association meeting and it showed that good cholesterol levels can be maintained if you have a drink per day. Note that this was one of the 100 other studies that have been conducted on the same topic. All of these studies prove that people who have adopted moderate drinking habits are comparatively prone to heart diseases and cardiovascular accidents.

Another larger research published in the Jama Network Open showed similar results. But this time it was conducted on a much larger scale. 371,463 individuals were made a part of this study. The research concluded that low-moderate drinkers had the lowest risk of catching a heart disease. The second on the list were those who abstained from drinking. The results were surprising because moderate drinkers had better heart health in comparison to those who didn’t drink. While heavy drinkers were obviously at the highest risk of catching heart diseases. 

Now before you raise a glass to your health, we should also discuss what else the research observed. Moderate drinkers maintained a healthier lifestyle as compared to abstainers which also contributed to their heart health. Alcohol and heart health can be confusing concerning the healthier lifestyle habits of moderate drinkers. But one thing is clear and that is the effect of heavy drinking on the heart. This is why Sunnyside is there to help with goal-setting, daily motivations, weekly plans, weekly progress updates and an opportunity to connect with real coaches to help you spill that bottle down the drain. 

Positive Impacts of Moderate Drinking on Health

Alcohol helps with heart health by lowering clotting factors and lipids. It further helps with antioxidant activity by adding to it and prevents inflammation through its anti-inflammatory factor. However, while a few glasses of wine here and there could help your heart, all alcohol impacts aging negatively.

While a healthier lifestyle and several exercises prove to be much better for maintaining heart health, we would never promote moderate drinking among abstainers. But for those who have a drinking habit, sticking to moderate drinking can be the key to a slowed-aging and healthier lifestyle. Whiskey is a tonic that helps with slowed-aging, relieves joint pain and cures congestion. While sticking to mindful drinking, Whiskey can also treat pneumonia, high blood pressure and tuberculosis. Similarly, red wine is also beneficial in its own way. The antioxidants in red wine can help in keeping the heart healthy. The lipoproteins also known as the good cholesterol also contribute to heart health. It further helps in preventing the damage caused by high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) i.e, bad cholesterol.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to focus on your health. Making up your mind before taking any further steps could be the first step in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle through moderate drinking. Once you’ve told yourself you can do it, Sunnyside is ready to tell you the same and make sure that you do so. We’re ready to help you as long as you’re ready to help yourself!

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