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Custom Trade Show Booth Design and Manufacturers

Having a custom trade show booth is a great way to make your company stand out at a trade show or exhibition. Whether you are trying to promote a new product, service, or event, there are many manufacturers who can create custom displays that are perfect for your event.


Whether you are looking for trade show display fabrication, a portable display, or a portable kiosk, Woodpeckers has all of your exhibit needs covered. They specialize in creating bespoke designs and offer a complete turnkey solution.

Woodpeckers has over 16 years of experience in the custom exhibits industry. They have worked with clients from all over the globe. Whether your company is launching a new product, announcing a new service, or looking to expand your business, Woodpeckers can help. They offer full Turnkey solutions, as well as a range of support services.

Woodpeckers has a team of creative artists, strategists, and engineers. They combine vision, mission, and ideas to create world class business spaces and unique exhibition stalls. Their products are innovative and sturdy.

Woodpeckers has been in the business of designing exhibition booths in India for over 16 years. Their team is made up of 150 professionals who come from various cultural backgrounds. They specialize in different areas of expertise, including engineering, graphic design, and marketing.

The company’s team is committed to providing top notch customer service and delivering the latest displays at the lowest prices. They also offer marketing expertise to bring footfall to their exhibits.

InterGlobal Exhibits

Whether you’re exhibiting at a trade show or conference, your presence needs to set you apart from your competitors. Having the right booth design is important. It needs to reflect your brand and be a fun, engaging experience. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in this, such as InterGlobal Exhibits. These companies have designed exhibits for clients at more than 150 shows last year.

The most important part of the exhibit design process is knowing your client’s needs and objectives. This includes defining messages and goals. You also need to be creative in order to make your exhibit stand out.

Having the right design is not enough; you need the right materials to support those messages. Your options include laminates, LED or LCD screens, interactive screens, resins, aluminum, wood and steel. Each material has its own characteristics, depending on how it is used.

The best exhibit design is one that complements your brand and tells your story. Using an app in your booth can be a good way to promote engagement and expand your brand message. You should also request engagement tactics such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. This will allow your attendees to download the app right inside your booth.


Whether you are planning a new trade show or are looking to rebrand your current booth, a shapely custom trade show booth design is a great way to stand out from the competition. There are many companies and designers out there, so finding the right one can be difficult.

One of the best ways to find out is to ask around. Asking around can help you find a design company that can do the most for your budget. Some companies will provide a free design proposal, while others will require you to submit a form.

While there is no magic number, a budget range of 10% to 20% of your overall event budget should suffice. This will allow you to allocate 10% towards your exhibit design and promotional materials, and 15% towards construction.

While you are at it, consider using colorful light fixtures and music to make your exhibit stand out. The right music can help to enhance the experience of luxury products or enhance your brand messaging.

The right light fixtures will also help to make your exhibit look as good as it works. Decorative light bulbs, spotlights, and LED bulbs are great ways to light up your booth.

Exhibit Builders

Having a well-designed trade show booth can make you look more professional and increase your sales. A custom trade show booth can be designed to show off your company’s products and services. You can even have a band play music for your visitors if you’re not busy.

If you want to be noticed, there are a few things to consider when choosing a custom trade show booth design and manufacturer. One of the first things you should consider is what size you want your booth to be. The size of the booth will affect the type of marketing material you should use.

A custom trade show booth design and manufacturer can give you the edge over other competitors. The best custom trade show booth design and manufacturer is one that can create an interesting and functional display. You should also consider the type of lighting you want. You can choose from overhead lights to backlit displays.

If you’re looking for a custom trade show booth design and manufacturer that can give you a competitive edge, consider these 15 companies. Each of these companies has a large database of over 1,400 designs. They also provide design, fabrication, and installation services.

Polaroid instant experience

Polaroid, a leading manufacturer of instant cameras and film, wanted to create a custom trade show booth design to showcase its products and show the spirit of fun, nostalgia, and simplicity. It was partnered with Absolute Exhibits, a leading event exhibit design and build company, to create the exhibit. The exhibit was built in 7,200 square feet of interactive space. Throughout the exhibit, visitors were able to experience the latest Polaroid products through countless graphics and custom backlit counters and shelving. The display also featured custom-designed, larger-than-life 3D camera props.

The exhibit also featured an LED video wall and custom-built kiosks, arches, and backlit shelving. The exhibit also featured a custom-made Polaroid hanging sign, which announced the brand and products.

The exhibit featured a Polaroid Fotobar store. Polaroid Fotobar stores will capitalize on the meteoric rise in people taking pictures and allow them to create their own artwork using the Polaroid brand of digital photos. Customers can upload their photos to Polaroid’s online gallery, and choose from a variety of materials and framing options. This new concept will allow consumers to turn their digital images into art and help them release trapped photos.

The exhibit also included a Polaroid Mini Instant Camera, which is a miniature version of the Polaroid instant camera. This camera is designed to deliver the same authentic Polaroid instant experience.

Crowd gatherers

Those in the trade show biz are bound to have their own take on the es du jour. There was a time when the good folks were rubbing elbows on the trade floor, and it was a smoot time to be had. Certainly the tethered sexes can be a bit on the nose for extended periods of time. Besides the usual suspects, you’ll also find a handful of newbies who haven’t seen the inside of a door in days. Taking care of business in a crowded exhibit hall is no easy task. The key to success is an open mind and the aforementioned etiquette.

QR codes

Using QR codes to enhance your custom trade show booth design and manufacturers is a great way to engage attendees and increase the ROI of your trade show. They allow for quick feedback and instant information sharing.

QR codes can be placed on any type of printed collateral or signage. They can also be incorporated into videos and large format graphics.

One of the most important aspects of creating a successful QR code is to choose an image that is easy to read. You should avoid overly complicated designs. If possible, keep the eyes of the QR code in a square shape. You should also place the code at eye level.

QR codes are also useful for sharing information about your product or service. They can link attendees to your website, secure contact form or other information. They can also help you identify quality leads. They can also lead to more foot traffic to your booth.


You can also link to interactive tools on your website to help attendees make a buying decision. You can also use QR codes to give away discounts or free trials. You can also use QR codes to link to your social media accounts.

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