Drug Recovery: Myth vs. Facts

Sadly, many people relapse after treatment. Statistics show that at least 85% of patients relapse within the first year of treatment, while over two-thirds return to drug and substance abuse within weeks of beginning treatment. However shocking these statistics may be, they don’t mean that drug recovery is impossible. Regardless of the addiction challenges, a patient should have a lifelong commitment to achieving long-term sobriety and wellness. Here are some myths and facts surrounding drug recovery.

Myth 1. Only Certain People Suffer from Addiction

The belief that addiction will and can only happen to certain kinds of people is not only true but baseless. The fact is that addiction happens to anyone regardless of their personality, upbringing, or race. However, there are psychological, social, and genetic risk factors that put some people at greater risk of addiction, but the fact is that addiction has no relationship with one’s character.

Myth 2. Addiction is a Choice

It is a common phrase used these days that addiction is a choice and that you should say no. The fact is that regardless of your age, you don’t choose how your brain reacts to substances. Teenagers are known for experimenting with drugs and alcohol, but there are effective ways to prevent addiction but saying no is not enough.

Myth 3. Addicts are Criminals

Prisons are filled with so many people who are not known to struggle with substance abuse. The fact is, often, the only person directly affected by addiction is the addicted person. Although some will go to great lengths to get the drugs, including breaking the law, it is not enough to declare all people with addictions criminals.

Myth 4. People with Addiction Require Tough Love

If your loved one has an addiction, you may be convinced by society that they need tough love because helping them only enables their drug use. However, the fact is that they need support and love from you. Set healthy boundaries and take care of yourself to avoid burnout. However, you should never deny them any lifesaving intervention in the name of teaching them a lesson. Doing this is not only cruel but ineffective because addiction is an illness.

Myth 5. Drug Recovery Medications are a Replacement of One Addiction with Another

Drug recovery centers provide people with addiction drugs to ease withdrawal symptoms and allow them the space they need for recovery. The fact is that addiction treatment medications are used to save the lives of people with addiction and significantly improve recovery rates. These medications do not create a high. They allow patients to drive, work, care for their families, and even live full lives.

Myth 6. People with Addiction are Hopeless

The fact is that with treatment, these people recover from addiction. Millions of people in drug recovery centers are thriving. When treatment begins, they can manage their illness because recovery is possible for everyone.


What most people know about addiction and drug recovery is based on stereotypes and discrimination. For long, addiction has been associated with social disapproval and shame. However, the above-debunked myths and the real facts should help you change your attitude and mindset about drug recovery.

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