Eggs Incubator Buying  in Kenya Made Easy

As research would put it an incubator is a equipment simulating avian incubation that keeps eggs warm at a particular range of temperature and in the correct humidity with a mechanism to hatch them.

This article will debunk the A-Z of egg incubators and how to choose a good one that won’t hurt your pockets.

We can’t lie that poultry farming is booming, and eggs are the golden price in this business. Over time the agricultural sector has experienced immense mechanization, and poultry farming had no right to be left behind. It is for this particular reason that we get to see inventions such as egg incubators; below are some of the parts and factors to consider before buying one;

Parts of an egg incubator

  • Container

This refers to the cabinet-style unit used to store the eggs that are expected to hatch. The size of the container depends on the number of eggs you want to hatch.

  • Heater

This will be affected by the size of the container and the amount of energy needed for insulation. The amount of energy required in watts will determine the power of the heater used in the incubator.

  • Thermostat and humidity control

This is required to control the temperature needed for incubation, as the developing embryos need a specific temperature. On the other hand, humidity control helps to manage the humid conditions in the incubator.

  • Thermometer and hygrometer

The thermometer is used to measure the temperature inside the incubator, and the hygrometer is used to measure the humidity inside the incubator.

  • Egg turner

This is used to turn the eggs, so the York sac doesn’t stick to the shell.

  • Candler

It provides light that enables the egg to glow and quickly see the developing embryo.

What to keep an eye out for when choosing an incubator

Before purchasing an incubator, there are a few factors that a farmer must keep in mind; listed below are a few of the elements;

  • The size of the incubator

The size of the incubator will heavily influence the capacity of eggs it can hold. It is convenient for a farmer with many eggs to get a giant incubator and vice versa.

  • Availability of parts and after-sale service

As with other machines, incubators also need regular servicing. One must also consider if the incubator parts are readily available in the case of a breakdown and repair. Lastly, one must also consider the estimated repair cost—the lower the eggs incubator price in Kenya, the better.

  • Ability to hold heat in case of a power blackout

Blackouts are standard, but that shouldn’t mean that your incubator should be out of use as other appliances during that period. The incubator of choice should be designed to insulate the heat it had generated before so that it can be used up during the blackout.

  • Amount of labor needed to operate the incubator

The lesser labor is needed to operate the incubator, the better.

What influences eggs incubator prices in Kenya

The abovementioned factors heavily influence the price of an egg incubator. For example, it is important to note that the more significant the size, the higher the price.


This article gives the necessary information needed before one purchases an egg incubator.

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