European Gambling Destinations That Are Both Old and Beautiful

Spin the globe and learn about gambling destinations that offer more than just a game and pleasure. People travel thousands of miles to visit these locations, which have grown to be major tourist attractions, to experience the great thrill. Not to mention that these locations support the economies of the nations by bringing in significant amounts of money.

Everyone has heard of the most well-known gambling hotspots, like Macau in China, Singapore, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City in the United States. However, the European continent has a lot to offer when speaking of gambling and stunning destinations.  

Although there are not a lot of enormous, glitzy casino complexes, Europe is home to several historic structures centered on organized gambling, a European tradition with a long history. Besides, some of them are so stunning that even without any gambling, a visit would be worthwhile.

The Venice Casino – the oldest

Founded in 1638, Casino di Venezia is known as the oldest gambling establishment in the world. It was originally known as Theatre Saint Moses, where during the interceptions of the theater dramas people would go to the gambling wing and play. Venice is an amazing city with plenty of places to visit and do. From enjoying different coffee shops and restaurants to exploring the interesting architecture of old buildings and bridges, to taking a romantic ride with a gondola across Venice canals.

All of these factors make Venice a fantastic location where you may enjoy the excitement of a variety of entertaining activities, including gambling. And if you enjoy playing casino games, you may do it while socializing with lovely people and in a calm, soothing setting.

The Wiesbaden Casino – the most beautiful

The Wiesbaden casino is one of Germany’s oldest and Europe’s most beautiful casinos. It was founded in Wiesbaden, a city that has a long history of being a spa town, but since gambling followed bathing, ever since the 19th century Wiesbaden is famous for both these pleasures.

The casino is today located inside the former wine hall of the Kurhaus and it is considered to be the world’s most beautiful casino with its Art Nouveau architecture style with luxurious interiors, decorations, and statues. Visitors will be able to enjoy excellent restaurants, surrounded by lots of green areas with different tree classes as well as other magnificent and historic buildings.

Casinò di Monte Carlo – the most famous  

Without the Casino di Monte Carlo, one of the most well-known casinos in Europe and possibly the entire globe, the list would not make sense. It was constructed with gambling in mind, and it is situated in one of the most attractive settings imaginable. It lies atop the Monte Carlo hill in Monaco, giving visitors a breathtaking perspective of the little city-state.

The Monte Carlo Gambling served as the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s first James Bond book, Casino Royale, and has frequently served as the setting for different casino scenes in films. It’s interesting to note that the Grand Hotel Pupp in Carlsbad, Czech Republic, was chosen by the filmmakers for the recent film adaptation of the book rather than the Monte Carlo Casino.

Above mentioned were destinations based on some of the most famous European casinos, however, Europe is a gambling continent with many beautiful cities that are attracting thousands of gamblers from all over the world. If you are more of an online gambler, make sure to know what is a high roller casino bonus, one of the several bonus types available at online casinos. In any case make sure to visit places such as Madrid in Spain, Berlin in Germany, or Stockholm in Sweden to experience gambling, food, and European cultures on a whole other level.

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