Face augmentation with stem cells

Put a topic like this because he was invited to see the work on stem cells Facelift in Korea The writer would like to go back and tell about the stem cells first. And to argue why stem cells have become celeb cells. (Celebrity stands for Celebrity, which means celebrity. 

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or someone known in the social circle or a famous person) that people are interested in. Many People have probably heard of stem cells before. But many people may not understand much, many people may think that it is far away. Many people think that it’s about the parents who want to collect the blood from the umbilical cord of their children. To use in the next 20 years and many people think it is a lie. Therefore, the writer would like to explain to each other in a timely manner. As follows: stem cells is the stem cell The origin here is a cell that is The earliest cells of life units before they develop into other body cells, such as skin cells, fat cells, bone cells, heart cells, and liver cells. It will not be able to revert back to stem cells again, so the study of stem cells in the past focused on studying umbilical cord blood cells of newborn babies (Embryonic Stem Cells) striped meat and fat, but the stem cells in mature humans It is in a state of inactive sleep (Inactivated Stem Cell).

If you read until here, are you still confused? Take this if you ask how important it is. Let’s just say that stem cells were the elixir that Qin Shi Huang had longed for. Or if a foreigner is a holy grail that King Arthur needs Code, this time, is it enough to understand how important Stem Cell is? Our hero in watching this event is Stem cells from fat (pocyte Stem Cell) and because they are fat cells. causing plastic surgeons to be involved (Normally, stem cells and surgeons are not related, but plastic surgeons are involved. with liposuction In this issue, the doctor is inevitably involved. (Adi, on this trip to Korea, was invited by the CHA Clinic in Korea. (Need to mention a little because he gave us the honor to invite us to see the event) The subject for us to look at is Stem Cell Facelift Anyway, how did the writer say that P’Thai is now modern? Especially the facelift without surgery, whether it’s “Ther mage”, “Ulthera”, “Maithong”, “Mai No Thong”, “Silk heart stitching”. Think about it. If one patient has done everything on the face, It still doesn’t work, it must be bee’s ears for sure. Out of curiosity about the Stem Cell Facelift, the doctor went to South Korea. Under minus 3-5 degrees Celsius, I couldn’t go. The doctor took a brave volunteer from Thailand with me to go and prove that the Stem Cell Facelift really works or a scam. Before going to the doctor, I went to find out more about Stem Cell from a friend that you From a friend at the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital (This friend just graduated from Dr. America came back) The questions the writer got from talking to this doctor’s friend were: 1. How can you be sure that stem cells can be separated from fat cells? Is there a way to prove that It’s a stem cell 2. If you can really separate it! Are Stem Cells Working? and in what way to motivate it to work? 3. What are the benefits of the acquired stem cells for the face and how to lift a face? The doctor sat on a plane to Korea for 6 hours to find the answer that day. It’s Sunday. Contact a Korean doctor (Dr. Sung ILL Chung and Dr. Suengmuk Han) at the clinic to ask to see the work. “Sunday, the doctor doesn’t work.” But when the evening arrived, Both doctors came out to eat while eating. Ra then talked and asked like a curious person. The questions are as follows.

1. What tool does the doctor use to separate stem cells from fat cells?

2. The company that owns the tool that you can use to separate the stem cells. standard or not Has the tool passed the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA-Korea Food & Drug Administration)?

3. Are the isolated stem cells still active? And if I ask Can stem cells come back for testing in Thailand? 4. What kind of patient is the Stem Cell Facelift suitable for and which one is not suitable?

5. How should the volunteers accompany you to prepare for tomorrow?

6. What is the sequence of steps for doing Stem Cell Facelift and how long does it take?

7. Once done, when will I see results? And how many years will it last, will it have to be repeated or not?


8. Patients in Thailand used to say that some clinics, Anti-Aging, and various anti-aging medicines are expensive. There are stem cells in tubes for sale. They are injected into the face. Then he said it was a stem. cells extracted from

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