Factors to Consider when buying a Corded Vacuum Cleaner

As much as cordless vacuum cleaners have enjoyed a wave of popularity in the market, corded vacuum cleaners have maintained their relevance and remain a viable option in the market. This essay explores the necessary factors to consider when buying a corded vacuum cleaner.

Gadgets are ever-evolving to adapt to the prevailing human needs. Additional features have been added to the corded vacuum cleaners to enhance their functions. When purchasing a new vacuum cleaning machine, it is essential to consider the following factors.

Type of cleaner

Corded vacuum cleaners could either be upright or cylindrical. The exemplary models are heavier than the cylindrical ones, while the cylindrical ones require one to bend most of the time while operating the machine. Therefore, it is essential to consider the comfort each model offers.

In addition, corded cleaners can either be bagged or bag-less. The bagged options have been on the market for longer; they come with a throw-away bag that is often not reusable, which may affect filtration. On the other hand, the bag-less option require that it be cleaned after emptying.

Length of the chord

While some models have cords extending up to 15 meters, most have lengths of 8 to 10 meters. Choosing options with suitable cord lengths will prevent you from having to switch sockets while cleaning. Furthermore, because some cleaners lack hooks to hold the cords in place, the length of the chord also affects how it is stored.

Bin capacity and ease of emptying

The bags in cylindrical models can hold more, while the capacity for upright models is at least half a liter. Depending on the kind of residue to be cleaned, both cleaners have varying degrees of ease in emptying containers. The choice must have a dependable capacity and be simple to empty.

Power of the vacuum

The general assumption is that the suction of a vacuum cleaner in Kenya increases with increasing power. However, due to the design and makeup of the head, modern models have excellent suction even at lower power. You should ideally ensure that your cleaner has a capacity of 700 Watts.


Depending on your type of vacuum cleaner, a variety of IIG filters are available. Choosing one that stops leaks is crucial for this reason. As some filters are washable and others need to be replaced after each use, the ease of maintenance of the filter is also essential.

Weight of the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners with cords weigh an average of 8 kilograms, making them heavier than cordless models. Most vacuum cleaners have two handles—one on top and one in front—to make moving them more manageable. In essence, one should select a choice with a standard weight that is simple to use.


Most manufacturers provide one to two-year warranties, though some go as high as five years on their products. A warranty is a bonus because it ensures replacement in the event of any malfunctions. More extended warranties also provide higher quality assurance for the products they cover.

Tools and accessories that come with the vacuum

Additional equipment that enhances the vacuum cleaner’s functionality is necessary for proper operation. Examples include the hose, which is almost always included with vacuum cleaners, the turbo brush required when using the hose, and upholstery tools.


Finding a device that efficiently fits your needs while ensuring the option stays with you for a long is essential. These factors are guaranteed to give you just that if taken into consideration.

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