Find Out What’s In Store for Space Tech Expo 2023

The main topic of Space Tech Expo 2023, this year’s annual event, will be the exploration of the cosmos and what’s to come in the future, including the moon and Mars. Although this subject sounds pretty serious, don’t worry because there will be plenty of light-hearted activities and games for kids to enjoy throughout the weekend as well! So, if you’re ready to find out what’s in store for Space Tech Expo 2023 and are ready to get your free ticket today, keep reading to learn more about this upcoming event!

Where will SPACEx2023 be held?

The International Space Development Conference will be held at the APCT, located in Dallas. The conference will take place from July 1-7 and is open to both members and nonmembers of the organization. 

APCT is an international research center that promotes space development through education, technology, and collaboration. This year’s conference theme is Space: Unlocking Dreams. As the title suggests, SPACEx2023 will focus on how humans can unlock their dreams by exploring space. The event features keynote speakers such as Brigadier General (Ret.) Charles Bolden Jr., NASA Administrator under President Obama; Dr. Michael Griffin, NASA Administrator under George W. Bush; Dr.

When will SPACEx2023 take place?

SPACEx2020 will take place on March 13th and 14th of 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Registration is now open! The event features a wide range of talks, presentations, workshops, and breakout sessions about space technology as well as an exhibition hall that showcases the latest in space-related hardware and software. 

This year, SPACEx2020 will be hosted in conjunction with APCT (Asia Pacific Commercial Technology) which is a regional trade association comprised of leading space industry players from across North America, Europe, and Asia. This year marks the first time that APCT has partnered with SpaceX to bring this world-class technology conference to Las Vegas.

How do I register for SPACEx2023?

SPACEx2023 is right around the corner, and it’s one of the most anticipated aerospace events in the world. The expo will take place March 12-15, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Attendees will be able to learn about new technologies, innovative space companies, and emerging trends in this rapidly evolving industry. To get a head start on what you can expect at SPACEx2023, we’ve compiled an overview of some of the event highlights.

Is there an expo schedule?

Space Tech Expo (STX) is an annual event, typically held in the fall. They are brought to you by the American Astronautical Society (AAS), NewSpace Business, and AIAA. STX has three concurrent streams of events: a technical program of presentations, panel discussions, roundtables, and workshops; an exhibition hall filled with exhibitors showcasing their latest space technology; and a series of social events designed to provide attendees with opportunities to mingle with colleagues and industry leaders.

Who are the exhibitors at SPACEx2023?

Space, and the people who live on Earth, are at a crossroads. The future of our planet hinges on how we deal with climate change, pollution, and other environmental issues. One way to help address this challenge is by developing new technologies that will enable humans to leave Earth and build settlements elsewhere in the solar system. 

For more than two decades, SpaceTech Expo has been the leading international event where organizations from around the world showcase their latest innovations in space technology.

Can I attend before registering?

There are three ways to attend Space Tech Expo. One is as an exhibitor; this is the best way to get a first-hand look at what all the different companies in your industry have to offer. Another option is to be a sponsor, which will allow you to network with other companies and show off your company’s products or services. Finally, if you don’t want any responsibility and just want to experience all that Space Tech Expo has to offer, you can buy a pass and come as a visitor! There are plenty of options when it comes to attending one of the most exciting tech expos around!

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