Fire Kirin Casino: 5 Exciting Games Perfect for Beginners

Fire Kirin casino remains one of the top platforms available on Bitofgold. With its high stakes and high return games, it provides what online gambling needs—a break from the ordinary. 

Fire Kirin is an online platform home to many sweepstakes games. It has been around for a long time and will be for many years, partly due to its high-end graphics, seamless gameplay, excellent selection of games, and utmost dedication to user experience on its platform. So far, this has driven an influx of new users who have come to Fire Kirin to kickstart their gambling experience. 

Fire Kirin has a system that’s very helpful to gambling beginners. New players can also enjoy this casino from devices like a phone, tablet, or PC. In addition, they can easily add money to their Fire Kirin casino accounts.

If you are looking for a fantastic online casino as a new gambler—Try Fire Kirin. Fire Kirin is the best option if you want to enjoy a lifetime of adventurous gambling in all genres(Video slot, table games, and Fish table games).

Without further ado, Here are Five games perfect for beginners to play at Fire Kirin Casino

Book of 99

Not many games openly tell you unabashedly that you’ll win as much as Book of 99 does; its Return-to-Player(RTP) of 99 is a rare feat among many slot games, and that’s what makes it perfect for your average beginner.

The game is centered on greek mythology and focuses on the greek hero, Odysseus, as he tries to reconnect with his wife. Each Book Wild you collect brings the greek hero of legend back to his lovely wife, Penelope.

Wheel of Fortune Megaways

Wheel of Fortune Wayang88 is a game that peers into the past and combines it with slot gaming to give us something nostalgic and evergreen. This game thrives off simplicity but with significant rewards and chances to win real money online. 

This game boasts an impressive RTP of 96.5% coupled with high volatility, and if you thought it couldn’t get any better, there are 100000+ paylines in Wheel of Fortune! It also has a minimum bet of 0.20$ and a maximum bet of 100$, making it the perfect game for beginners on Fire Kirin Casino.

Colombus Deluxe

This is a game modeled after the life of European Explorer Christopher Colombus. It is in the sub-category of inferno slots, a popular subgenre of video slot games like Sizzling Hot, Wild Diamonds, and Wolf moon. 

Colombus deluxe successfully transports you to a period where the dream was the sea, and the smell of the Oak Deck was everybody’s dream. The symbols range from golden ships to sextants, a tool necessary for navigation. Colombus Deluxe is an easy game for everyone to follow, with an RTP of 95%. 

King of Crab

King of Crab shows the beauty of Fish Table games. Its multiplayer modes ensure simultaneous playing—unheard of in most online slot games but a regular fixture in Fish table games. The basics of this game are pretty simple: Become Crab king. That’s all the game asks from every player, and to become Crab king, one must defeat crabs, eat the defeated crabs and, in turn, grow large enough to become Crab King. With its seamless graphics and fantastic gameplay, King of Crab can thrill you for days.

Important tidbits to note in this game are the different types of Crab: Brown Crab, Rainbow Crab, Blue Crab, and Robot Crab King. In addition, each Crab has perks like the Rainbow Crab releasing sticky slime to immobilize adversaries or the Stone Crab creating a shield to absorb damage. Another vital thing to note is that size is a measure of health, and the larger you are, the faster your health depletes.

Deepsea Volcamon

Deepsea Volcamon is another impressive Fish table game on Fire Kirin casino. The graphics and great gameplay make it a perfect starter for every beginner. It also has many sea species to constantly hunt for—ensuring players are never bored. 

Deepsea Volcamon stands out from most Fish table games because of its exciting features that mimic popular games like Pac-Man and Contra. Players can expect bonuses like the Freeze bonus, Multiplier features, and an easily upgradable weapon. In addition, games are easily customizable, and custom games can be created among friends.

Final thoughts

Fire Kirin Casino can be overwhelming for the average beginner, especially when it comes to easy games that offer both real money and enjoyment. Most games on Fire Kirin are exciting, but a vast amount can be too heavy to understand. The games mentioned in this article combine excitement and chances to win cash rewards. Some of them offer multiplayer features to play against random players, while some allow for custom games with friends.

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