How Do I Set Alerts In Options? A Brief Guide

Basically, alerts are notifications triggered by different events on the market. There are many types of them: some tell you about price changes, others serve as signals to buy or sell your assets. You can set and customize your alerts by yourself, but there are also many services which provide ready-made alerts for all kinds of assets in various situations. In this article, we explain how alerts on options work, how you can use them, and what popular alerts providers have to offer.

How alerts work

Alerts are sent to you when a certain event occurs: it may be a sudden price surge, an upcoming date of contract expiration, and so on. While they allow you to keep an eye on your assets without actually monitoring them all the time, you should not trust them blindly. Many trading platforms allow you to set and customize your own alerts, so you can experiment with them. However, the majority of traders get automated alerts from specialized providers, and that’s especially useful in options trading.

But you’re probably asking yourself: how do I set alerts in options? Let’s find out.

Setting an alert

If you’re planning to use a specialized service to set your alerts, the process is pretty easy. First of all, find a reliable alert platform: it’s the most important part since your profits depend on how relevant the alerts will be. Sign up to a platform and pay a subscription fee to unlock its features. Now, choose the way you want to receive your options alerts: most of the time, you can choose between email, phone, or push notifications. You will start receiving your alerts in no time.

If you’re unsure which provider you should choose, we have two reputable options for you to consider.

Market Chameleon

One of the best alerts providers, Market Chameleon is known for a wide array of available tools and a user-friendly customer support service that can help you solve any problems related to trading. It also has a built-in scanner that can be used to look for trading opportunities across numerous markets and find the best deals.

Sky View Trading

Sky View Trading is another well-known alerts service, and it’s especially suitable for beginners. This service has all kinds of additional instruments for analysis and offers really quick customizable alerts that you can receive on your mobile device. The service also has chat rooms, so traders can talk with each other and discuss the current market situation.

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