How Does Innovation Further Develop Distance Schooling?

How does innovation further develop distance schooling? In some respects, innovation hasn’t been possible without regular, substantive interaction. In this regard, the statutory definition of distance education is unclear. For example, it doesn’t specify the frequency of such interactions. Furthermore, it doesn’t state whether or not students have to interact with a teacher during those interactions. This ambiguity has hindered innovation.

Some commenters, for example, have argued that this definition limits flexibility. This approach limits the options of how to teach and assess online courses. Others have argued for a more collaborative approach to blended learning and research to prove its efficacy. Other commenters, however, praised the rule and welcomed its implementation. Moreover, they welcomed the safeguards that prevent students from wasting time by avoiding pointless work. In addition, they praised the clarity of the regulations, and they said that they will benefit the education system.

One commenter argued for an expanded definition of “instructional team.” As a result, the Department should emphasize the concept of instructors and faculty as primary educators. However, this view doesn’t exclude the role of innovative technologies, which can improve the interaction between faculty and students. But it does not address the broader question of how students should be taught. In other words, a definition of “instructional team” would also make it clear that the two approaches are indistinguishable.

Some commenters feel that asynchronous learning is the best option for addressing the issue of flexible scheduling. By incorporating flexible pacing and different models of progress assessment, non-traditional students can benefit from these new features. This could help them graduate with less debt. Similarly, a self-paced model can help students achieve the same objectives with a lower burden. If these benefits are realized, then it will benefit traditional students as well.

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