How Honest is Your Auto Mechanic Shop?

When you read the news about dishonest auto mechanic shops, you may wonder how honest your local mechanic really is. It’s not unusual to encounter mechanics who are dishonest, but this doesn’t mean that every mechanic is dishonest. Some mechanics exaggerate legitimate problems to try to convince skeptical owners that they have a problem. In contrast, shady mechanics may point out problems that are completely unnecessary.

If you’re worried that your car’s condition might be worse than you thought, ask your mechanic to show you what he’s done before he begins. You’ll appreciate the knowledge and experience of your mechanic, especially if he or she is honest and willing to show you the damage. Don’t hesitate to ask for pictures or videos of the work that’s been done, as this will build trust.

If you’re having trouble deciding which mechanic is right for you, try checking online reviews. While many mechanics post customer reviews on their websites, be wary of any negative reviews that they might have. A good mechanic will not post negative reviews on their own site. You should also check out the Better Business Bureau or the AAA Approved Auto Repair network for consumer feedback. Angie’s List is a good resource to find reviews from other satisfied customers.

An honest mechanic will not mind using different brands. If you know of an honest mechanic, you should tell people about it. Let them know by writing a review about your experience. It will help these honest mechanics stay in business. The more reviews, the more customers will visit the shop again. That way, more people will know about your experience. It’s the easiest way to find an honest mechanic.

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