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How Long Does Facebook Store Private Messages That I Sent?

Did you know that Facebook keeps private messages that you send for 90 days? Facebook’s algorithm analyses the messages to see if they’re offensive or suggestive. This helps them understand who the writer is, and enriches their digital profile. This information helps Facebook determine a user’s educational background. If a user has an educational background, Facebook can tell by their writing style how much education the person has.

The resending of older messages was a problem until Facebook fixed the issue. Earlier this year, the site’s “On This Day” callback feature was designed to bring up posts about cheerful and celebratory days, but was unable to differentiate between posts about tragedy and celebratory occasions. This meant that posts about tragedies often garner more engagement than those about happy events. This problem was fixed in 2016, and Facebook apologizes for any inconvenience.

The next step in determining how long Facebook keeps private messages is to check the most recent backup file. This process requires a judge’s warrant. Facebook searches its servers to retrieve deleted messages. The user has the option of confirming or denying the deletion. If the message is deleted by accident, it cannot be recovered. The recipient’s mailbox still has the message. It has fourteen days to review the messages before they’re deleted.

Unless a user has a legal basis for keeping the deleted messages, the answer is no. Unless they’re erasing them, the other party can keep a copy of the message. But if the recipient doesn’t do this, the messages may still be stored in their private accounts. So, while Facebook’s algorithm removes the messages, it doesn’t permanently delete them.

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