How to choose a truck company if you are new to truck driving

So, you have decided to become a trucker. perhaps you are just thinking about this career and reading the information for familiarization. Perhaps you are already studying at a truck driving school or even got a commercial driver’s license and are looking for a job. Whatever your situation, this article, and information from the Logity Dispatch will be beneficial to you. 

In total, there are several tens of thousands of transport companies in the USA. Some offer free tuition; some boast flexible schedules and insurance. It is challenging from the variety of offers to immediately choose a good and trustworthy transport company. And you will face a lot of offers. After all, cargo transportation annually lacks about 100,000 truckers for uninterrupted operation. This is your chance! And this article will help you with choosing a good employer. By the way, if you are looking for a list of the best trucking company for new drivers, you can find it in this article.

Let’s get rid of rose-colored glasses in the world of cargo transportation

Newcomers in this field are very often looking for ideal transport companies in which everything is 100% good. And the dispatchers are friendly, and the team of truckers is friendly, and the work schedule is convenient, and there are many days off, and training is free, and insurance covers everything, and the salary is huge. But unfortunately, this does not happen. Any experienced trucker understands that any transport company has its minuses and pluses, and this is normal. Looking for something perfect is a thankless and futile job.

In fact, each transport company is unique. By the way, like every trucker. What suits your friend may not suit you personally at all. So, let’s talk about the work of transport companies. Very often, there is a competitive environment in them, which can significantly interfere with a trucker, especially a beginner. For example, experienced truckers or those who have a good relationship with the load planner may get more profitable orders. While you will make only one route. This creates tension in the team. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to whether all truckers are given an equal opportunity to earn. 

It is important to remember this so that later I will be upset if something goes wrong.

Why should you look for a job in a large transport company?

Several factors make it easier for a cargo transportation beginner to start a large company career. We will list several factors. 

  • An opportunity to change something

For example, it is inconvenient for you to travel to a particular state or you are already tired. In large companies with a large staff, you will be easily replaced with another trucker, and you will get a new route in a new direction. 

  • Stability in work and salary

There is nothing more desirable in the modern world than stability. And big companies provide it. They have been working for decades, have proven themselves in the market, and have no problems with money. While it can be difficult for small transport companies, who often lose their business. To avoid being left with a broken trough, we suggest choosing large companies that are time-tested.

  • Possibility to ask for a day off or vacation

Large companies have a large staff of truckers who will be able to come to work for you. Therefore, your two-week absence will not affect the company’s profit. But a small transport company is not so willing to agree to your vacation, because this is a direct loss for the business. 

  • Benefits and amenities

Insurance, corporate accounts, convenient gadgets for navigation, hotel chains for recreation, discount cards in establishments, and repair shops. This greatly improves and simplifies your work.

Tips on choosing a company to work as a trucker

When choosing a cargo transportation company, we advise you to use the tips that we have described below. Have a good choice!

1. Determine the type of cargo

There are companies that specialize in specific cargo and transportation. For example, you have been attracted to cargo trucks, and a company transports on such trucks. Bingo. 

2. Find out all about salary

To begin with, you should study the topic and understand what the payment methods for work for truckers are. For example, per mile, per hour of work, or at a rate? See what different transport companies offer and choose the most profitable option for you. 

3. Employee reviews

There are whole websites where truckers share their work experience with different employers. This is very useful information that will help you make a final decision. But remember, what suits one person doesn’t necessarily suit you. 

4. Truck quality

Some transport companies have old grouse trucks. This can affect your job and salary because every car breakdown takes hours and miles from you. Choose transport companies with a fleet of new trucks.

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