Huge World of Men’s Jewelry: Gold Bracelets

Gold jewelry for men is getting more and more popular every year. The pieces become more massive, the designs more daring, the choice of colors wider. The world of men’s jewelry has indeed become huge, with great deal of options in every category for different tastes and preferences.

One of the men’s favorite jewelry items is a bracelet, and it’s quite understandable.  The bracelets for men are the jewelry that can be easily implemented into different looks, there’s no chance they won’t suit, the number of styles makes it possible to find a bracelet even for a picky person, they are practical, yet stylish. Bracelet is the great option for guys who try to get used to wearing jewelry. The men who know exactly what a high-end jewelry is able to do to even the simplest outfit, often use the bracelets as a powerful weapon in their style to finish the look when something is missing. A stylish bracelet is a real lifesaver in the huge world of men’s accessories.

Despite the great variety of metals for men’s bracelets, gold takes the lead. The metal is perfect for jewelry, as it’s easy to work with for jewelers, it provides a vast range of prices, gold has appealing look, and it is hypoallergenic.

Choosing a gold bracelet, the first thing you need to consider is the purity of gold. What does it mean? Not only gold is used in the gold jewelry. Every gold jewelry is made of the alloy that consists of gold and other metals. The pure gold is not usually used, as it’s too soft, which puts the jewelry in danger of deforming or breaking. Other metals added to the alloy provide the gold jewelry strength and sustainability. But the percentage of metals in the alloy may be different, which makes the gold jewelry of different purity. The higher the presence of gold, the higher is the purity of the gold bracelet. Naturally, the price of the item rises with the purity as well. There are standard marks defining the quantity of gold, which you’ll most likely find on the clasp of your gold bracelet. They are marked either in karats or in 3-digit numbers and show the percentage of gold:

  • 10K or 416 = 41.67%
  • 12K or 500 = 50%
  • 14K or 585 =58.33%
  • 18K or 750 = 75%
  • 22K or 917 = 91.67%
  • 24K or 999 = 99.99% (rarely used);

When you’re done with choosing gold purity, it’s just about time to think of the bracelet’s style. Men’s gold bracelets are often used as the way to show status, success and sense of style. In the recent years massive chunky chain bracelets are the top trend in jewelry. We may offer not one, but few chain bracelet styles to show off your wealth in a fashion way.

Gold Cuban link bracelet is the undeniable leader as of fashion trends and of men’s choices. It has come all the way from rap bling jewelry to the timeless classic. The famous pattern of a Cuban chain features flat twisted oval links that provide the bracelet with recognizable and so popular at the moment chunky appearance. You won’t find a better bracelet to complete a casual outfit, or pull off a layered chain bracelets look. The strength of the bracelet is legendary, as one of the reasons the pattern was favored by rappers is its durability. Gold Cuban link bracelet looks even better when iced-out. The perfect combination of style and glamour.

The gold chain bracelet that looks just as impressive, is the Gucci, or also known as the Mariner style. It displays flat oval links with a vertical bar inside. This design frequently gets covered with diamonds as well. It even inspires jewelers for bold experiments with fancy colored diamonds, resulting in stunning sophisticated combinations. The gold Gucci bracelet can also be considered a strong chain, which is not surprising, as the idea for the jewelry was taken from the heavy-duty chains used for anchors. The intricate pattern of the bracelet is valued by fashionistas, as it’s hard to find the bracelet ready to complement as fancy outfits, and casual everyday looks.

Not all men are fond of massive jewelry, some may even feel rather uncomfortable with large bracelets. That’s why we have a chain bracelet style that is masculine, yet laconic and elegant. The gold Figaro chain bracelet is the frequent choice among men. The construction of it is simple, but recognizable, and is made of one long oval link followed by 2 or 3 smaller round ones. Invented in Italy, the style is filled with passion and sensuality, inherent to their art. The bracelet suits creative people with gentle nature. The Figaro bracelet goes well with business-casual outfits and is easy to style with other jewelry.

When the style of the jewelry is also decided, men often start to wonder: “How to measure my wrist for a bracelet?” The typical men’s bracelet sizes start from 6.7 inches (170.1 mm), the largest are around 9 inches (228.6 mm). The simplest way to measure your wrist is to use a flexible measuring tape. If you don’t have one, wrap any thread, string or a strip of paper around your wrist, mark the place it completes wrapping and measure it with a ruler. Adding half an inch to your wrist size makes the size of the bracelet that fits you. But if you like the bracelet to be loose, add 1 inch to the size of your wrist.

If you want a unique gold bracelet, you may also experiment with the colors of the metal. Yellow gold is of course popular, but you should know that it’s optional, not obligatory. It’s good for statement bracelets that are meant to highlight the status of the wearer and his style. White gold is a nice choice for bracelets with diamonds, as they enhance the charm of the colorless stones. White gold makes the bracelet visually more delicate and adds luster. The men’s bracelets made of rose gold look very unusual. They will definitely spice up your outfit with the appealing elegance and intriguing shine. You may even try to combine all those colors in one bracelet only to find that the result will exceed your expectations and the jewelry will be unique and trendy.

In the huge world of men’s jewelry there are so much more styles and types of bracelets to choose from. The ones we’ve mentioned are only the basic ones, we’re sure every man wouldn’t regret buying. These gold bracelets are great to start your journey in the world of men’s jewelry with. It’ll be hard to stop exploring, when you understand how a bracelet chosen right is able to elevate your style.

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