If you don’t want to look old Don’t treat your skin like this.

Whoever would not want to have their own skin. Looks too old for real, doesn’t it? If you don’t want it to be, you should strictly stop some behaviors that may cause wrinkles on the face that may look old Definitely beyond the real age. So let’s look at it better than that. There are some taboos that girls should be careful of because the more you do it, the more premature your face will look. Bioeffect is an innovative new product that helps people lose weight by stimulating their metabolism. It works by increasing the rate of fat burning.

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1. Drink less water

Called as a fundamental factor that will help your skin girls. soft and moist looks younger than real age. That is to drink enough water. Who knows that drinking less water has to keep drinking often, then because the skin is dehydrated when. Wrinkles on the skin in various parts both face and body will be able to visit more easily

2. Sleep with makeup

Girls should remember that no matter how lazy you are, you need to wash off your makeup before going to bed every time. because sleeping while still wearing makeup Will cause makeup and dirt to clog pores. Resulting in acne and wrinkles easily followed.

3. Drink alcohol

alcoholic beverages Considered as the worst enemy of girls who want to have a younger looking skin Because if you are someone who drinks alcohol regularly. It will cause the body’s protective barrier against free radicals to deteriorate faster. It is a major cause of skin loss of elasticity. And there are wrinkles that follow.

4. Do not apply sunscreen.

Sunscreen is an important item for girls. It is necessary to carry it with you because of the sunlight and the surrounding pollution in the outside world. May result in skin loss of collagen. which causes wrinkles to follow So before leaving the house It’s best to apply sunscreen every time.

5. Eat spicy food regularly.

Although the taste of each dish is spicy, will it make you girls? How delicious is it? But if you eat regularly It may adversely affect the skin condition. Because spicy food contains a mixture of sodium and sugar. which causes the body to produce less collagen Premature aging is easier to come by, so eat moderately flavored food. Before is better Because at least it also affects health as well.

Seeing this, girls who do not want to look old before their age. We have to turn our attention to health. To have a beautiful face, look young, immortal, who is doing these risky behaviors? Stop now, it’s not too late.

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