Is CELPIP simpler than IELTS?

Applying for a foreign state visa isn’t as challenging as you find it. With the help of a CELPIP or IELTS course, it gets really simple. Acquiring a residency in Canada is a dream for people across the world. If you wish to have permanent residence or citizenship in Canada, you should receive a CELPIP certificate. However, most people are confused about whether to go for CELPIP or IELTS. Most want to know whether CELPIP is simpler than IELTS. CELPIP is a program equivalent to IELTS but with a slight upgrade. It is not so tough that you fail to pass it.

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program helps with the English course’s reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills.

Why should you choose CELPIP?

A widespread reason why people choose CELPIP is that the course is very simple. It offers the person to prepare with several benefits easily. The advantages include the following:

Diverse English Accent

The CELPIP course is simple if you dedicatedly study the celpip material. The program is special because it is a specific test for Canadian English, though it also accepts American and British accents. This makes CELPIP a more considerate option than IELTS. You don’t need to worry about the accent, as it is not the priority.

Common Vocabulary

The CELPIP vocabulary is different from what you learn in universities and dictionaries. The words involve the common words used in daily life conversations. It doesn’t include tough and complex words which are hard to pronounce, tough to understand, and challenging to remember.

Computer-based test

Technology gives CELPIP an additional advantage. If you’re a slow writer, this will work in your favor. You can provide the computer test quickly. It also has an extra spell checker and times to speed in your cross-checking.

Study material

There are training programs, courses, and websites full of CELPIP material. You don’t have to visit a library for it. You can get all the information online or join an online or offline class.

Instant Results

Waiting for test results makes one anxious. This is why the CELPIP test takes four to five days after submitting your paper. You can get a computerized result.

How to take the exam?

Most people ask this question. While people often think you can give the test at home, CELPIP centers have clearly stated that the exam will only be given in a center. Look out for the center near you, and you can pass the exam there.

You have the option to choose the area you like. Once you have selected your region, you will be asked questions needing details to ensure the identities are real.

When going for CELPIP, you can choose between General Test and LS Test. The General Test includes writing, listening, reading, and speaking, while the LS only has listening and speaking. So, depending on your preference and requirement, you can pick between the two tests and go for them. Choose the CELPIP material accordingly and prepare yourself to give the exam at one of the test centers.

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