Is Science Private Tuition Really Needed in Singapore?

It cannot be denied that Singapore’s high educational standards to maintain the country’s progressive economy means that each student is pressured to excel in school, and this worries every parent. While all parents want their children to do well in school, some have children who are struggling just to cope, especially with science subjects. This is where science private tuition comes in for parents.

With Singapore’s economy not looking to slow down at any time in the future, the trend of seeking out private science tutors in the country is certainly not going to slow down as well.

Why is science private tuition in demand in Singapore?

The competition to enter into STEM-related courses in university is very competitive in Singapore. Science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics require students to learn and master complex processes and concepts. So, in perspective, here are major reasons why science private tuition is needed in your child’s education.

  • Classrooms are crowded, even in Singapore

People are surprised to learn that Singapore has a large population that’s crowded in a small country just a bit bigger than Hong Kong. With a booming population, classrooms naturally become overcrowded. Some classes at almost all levels have up to 40 students. The problem here is that each student is expected to follow the fast pace of lessons doled out by a single teacher. However, not all students have the same pace of learning.

  • Students have different learning paces, abilities, and styles

While the local education system churns out good students each year for the country, unfortunately, it is a “one-size fits all” education delivery system. Public education means that students with different learning paces and styles need to keep up with the rest of the class, and the teacher. By nature, teachers will generally cater to the majority, which isn’t really a bad thing considering that they also need to keep pace with the syllabus.

  • Not all students have strong self-directed learning

While some students have strong motivation towards their own self-learning, others are beset with daily barriers that cause stress and a lack of interest in learning a difficult subject like science. At the secondary level, most students still lack the maturity and direction to oversee learning on their own.

  • Students have a high level of stress

As mentioned earlier, many students face many daily factors in and out of school that can cause high levels of stress. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly playful and carefree nature of students. Parents should also realise that their children don’t have it easy by just attending school. Students know that all their actions in the present will affect their future.

The advantages of having science private tuition for your children

It will help them catch up

Most parents who look for private science tutors do so because their children are finding it difficult to catch up with their science classes. Some even find themselves in a sink-or-swim situation, necessitating the need for science private tuition to improve the student’s sinking grades. It has been proven and shown time and time again that private tutoring has saved many students even when it was almost too late, and some have even gone on to excel in the subject. One-to-one tutoring sessions provide an environment where students can be laser-focused on the lessons at hand, no matter how hard.

Tutoring reinforces knowledge from classes

Science private tutoring can reinforce the knowledge learned from classes as well as existing knowledge covered in past classes. As each student has a different learning pace, the private tutor focuses on the learning weaknesses and turns these into strengths, something teachers cannot accommodate in overcrowded classes.

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