Learn More About The Basics Of Packaging And Some Of The Designs Used In Packaging

Packaging is a way of protecting the materials that are ordered or bought from the outside pollution, dirt, rain, sweat, etc. so that the objects inside it can be delivered without any damage. The process of packaging for each material is different from one another. As seen around us the packaging of medicines is done in plastic and aluminum sheet coated, white clothes come in a first layer of packaging inside plastic or paper covers then it is boxed in cardboard cartons, books come with a plastic film air seal wrapped, etc. In this article, the readers and the viewers will get to know about some of the best packaging designs you can choose when packing any materials, goods, or items.

Do we have packaging as a degree or certificate course?

Individuals who are staff members or employees in different clothing or food or beverage packaging department must have achieved a professional diploma or certificate degree or a bachelor’s degree in packaging. So, yes, the USA does have a separate course for packaging. And if you want to get hired for this job you must have this degree from an educational institution a college or a university.

What is the cost of a packaging design course in America?

The packaging design course is divided into three forms-

  1. Professional certificate courses where the universities do not charge more than $ 695 for a 9-week course period be it in online mode or offline mode means you have to be present in the class. Here you get practical training.
  2. One year diploma course as suggested by various packaging institutions where you study a course named Packaging Technology. This course spans 10 months. Can be done in both regular and distance modes. This course costs an average of $ 7408.
  3. This is the advanced level where you get a post-graduate diploma degree from a reputable college. You are eligible only if you have passed the diploma course for Packaging Technology. The course fees are $ 6000 to $ 45000.

Charges are taken by various companies for packaging in America-

A reputable packaging design company can charge $ 10000 to $ 20000 for the design without adding up the manufacturing cost as they are customized for each of their clients as per their request. But this is different for the production or manufacturing companies who prepare their packages, as per reports the companies need to spend 10% to 40% of the actual price for the product for packaging only. Normally another packaging cost $ 1 for a folding carton, $ 2 to $ 3 for a printed labeled corrugated box, $ 2 to $ 3 for a food packaging thermoform box, flexible packing like poly bags, costs 0.25 to 0.75, and $ 4 to $ 5 for a rigid box.

Salaries received by a packaging technology employee or a packaging designer in the USA are-

The average annual salary received by any packaging designer employer in any reputable company is $ 68465. On average the employees receive $ 32.92 per hour and a monthly salary of $ 5705.

To conclude the above-mentioned article clearly defines the prospects of packaging design in America.

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