Level 2 EV Charging: What You Need to Know

From its conceptualization in the late 19th century, the electric vehicle has undergone a rapid but sustainable evolution in the century-plus since. Today, as the world faces the alarming issues of global warming, excessive carbon emissions, and climate change, EVs are becoming a mainstay.

This increased adoption of EVs calls for owners and enthusiasts alike to be knowledgeable about the maintenance of these zero-emission vehicles. Charging an EV is akin to fueling a gasoline car hence of primary importance.

Level 2 EV charging is among the most popular ways to recharge an electric automobile since it can be done at home or commercially without blowing your budget.

For businesses looking to know more about what level 2 charging entails, this post will cover every detail about them and explain why Electrly is the best option for level 2 chargers.

What Is Level 2 Charging, And What Are Its Benefits?

Level 2 charging is among the three charging levels for EVs, similar to different octane ranks for gasoline cars. It is an intermediate form of charging significantly faster than level 1 charging but does not match the speed and range offered by level 3.

Level 2 chargers consist of a dedicated 208-240 volt AC outlet with a connector that plugs into an EV to recharge its battery. The output of a level 2 charger in the US varies between 3kW and 19kW AC power. Level 2 EV chargers for the European market can reach a maximum of 22kW. The average power output for most North American market L2 chargers is 7.6kW.

With level 2 charging, an electric car gets an 18-28 miles range with a 7.6kW output L2 EV charger each hour. Depending on the battery’s health, customers can charge their EV’s battery to full capacity in about eight hours or less. This charging speed makes level 2 chargers more reliable than L1 chargers which require 24+ hours of consistent charging to reach 100%.

Level 2 Charging Locations And Cost

Level 2 charging points are the most widespread in the US. They can be found in homes and at commercial places, including malls, grocery stores, hotels, and parking garages. Employers have recently installed level 2 charging facilities at their workspaces to cater to EV-driving employees and clients.

While some of these public level 2 EV charging points are free, some charge a fee for recharging an EV battery. Depending on the electricity rates in the specific state, a station can charge customers between $0.20 and $0.30 per kWh. This figure rounds off to $1-5 per hour of charging.

Some EV drivers opt to lower the costs of charging their zero-emissions cars by installing level 2 charging stations in their homes. To do this, they need to enlist the services of a certified electrician to install a 240-volt AC outlet and a dedicated circuit that supports up to 60 amps. While this installation comes with significant upfront costs, EV owners can offset this later with rebates from utility companies at the state and county levels.

On average, level 2 charging at home costs between $6 and $10 each time the car’s battery charges to 100%. This process takes approximately eight hours or an overnight charge, which is ideal for drivers with short commutes.

EV drivers can save on level 2 charging by combining several strategies, including charging during lower rate times, improving their driving technique, and customizing their charging schedules using a level 2 EV charging mobile app.

Electrly – Best Level 2 EV Charging Options

Electrly is a leading manufacturer of level 2 EV chargers for home and business use. Electrly’s level 2 EV chargers boast a robust charge rate ranging between 7kW and 22kW, depending on your chosen charger.

Whether you own a commercial level 2 charging station, an automaker, or a level 2 home charging station installer, Electrly can help you advance your brand with its white-label EV charger production services.

Reach out to their sales team today for more information on how to have your logo or brand colors added to their line of level 2 chargers and delivered to you with a short turnaround. Electrly allows you to test their products with an MOQ of one before you can commit to a custom order number.

Some of the Electrly level 2 chargers worth exploring include;

  1. Home Mini Wallbox – 7 kW
  2. Smart Home Wallbox – 7 kW / 11 kW
  3. HomeVolt EV Charger – 7 kW / 11 kW / 22 kW
  4. EcoWatt EV Charger – 7 kW / 11 kW / 22 kW
  5. Business Series Wallbox – 7 kW / 22 kW
  6. Twins Series Pedestal – 2×7 kW / 2×22 kW

What Makes Up A Level 2 EV Charger?

Unlike the regular emergency charger provided by EV manufacturers at the point of purchase, level 2 EV chargers are more advanced. They feature an outlet or hardwired unit installed at a fixed location in a parking garage or commercial charging station

The level 2 EV charger will also feature a cable connector to an EV. In North America, the commonly used level 2 EV connector type is the Type 1 – J1772, also known as the J-type connector. These connectors deliver up to 19.2kW with an 80amps limit.

Although most EV models and makes in the US use the J-type connector, it is worth noting that Teslas have their proprietary connectors.

A level 2 EV charging station will also feature a circuit panel that can handle up to 60 amps. Level 2 EV chargers require a 240-volt AC outlet, which has recently become the standard in most new residential and commercial buildings as the uptake of EVs continues.

What Are The Main Types Of Level 2 EV Chargers?

Chargers used for level 2 charging exist in two main types; tethered (more common in North America) and untethered (more common in Europe). The tethered level 2 EV chargers feature a J1772 connector fixed to them, and EV drivers only need to park their cars by the commercial charger and attach the connector to their vehicle’s charging port.

With untethered level 2 chargers, EV drivers have to bring their connector cables and connect them to the charging point to get some power into their cars.

The tethered level 2 EV chargers in the US also come in several designs depending on the manufacturer. The most common are;

  • Wall mounted
  • Floor-mounted on a pedestal
  • All-in-one (featuring a charger and pedestal as one unit)
  • Pedestal with cable management
  • Media screen EV charger (typical in commercial level 2 charging stations)

How To Choose The Right Level 2 Charger

When providing level 2 EV charging to your customers, ensuring you have the best quality chargers available at your charging station is crucial. This comes down to choosing suitable chargers. The following is a guide for selecting one that fits your commercial set up and customer needs.

a)   Range Needs

The number one consideration when exploring level 2 EV charging needs is how much distance your customers drive daily. L2 EV charging is ideal for serving clients with short commutes. If your charging station is located on a major highway, you may have to consider offering dedicated chargers that long-distance drivers can plug in for a few hours before continuing their journeys.

b)   Cost

Level 2 chargers will require some significant investment initially. On average, a commercial level 2 charger will cost up to $1600 for the charger plus installation. The price will vary depending on the type of charger, the electrical upgrade needed, and average labor costs.

c)   Availability of Certified Electricians

Setting up level 2 charging is not an amateur’s play, and you must hire a certified electrician to help you install it correctly at your commercial charging station. The electrician will help you determine if you need to upgrade your circuit panel and power outlets. It is essential to read reviews of each professional and vet their experience installing level 2 charging points in homes and commercial places.


Level 2 EV charging offers one of the most reliable ways to recharge electric vehicles affordably. If you want to set up a level 2 EV charging station at your commercial charging point, garage, or workplace, consider exploring Electrly’s range of L2 chargers. The company has a wide range of business and home EV charging solutions to suit your budget. With white-labeling services also available, your brand’s presence will be enhanced further in the eyes of EV owners.

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