Make Your Own Washi Tape Wall Decals

I’m Real glad about my washi tape wall decal project. As may be obvious, this is a unique thought. Yahoo ME! Presently, I thoroughly admit that making letters out of washi tape is the same old thing it’s all over.. In any case, I chose to make it one stride further to make washi tape wall decals! Pant! I know, it’s energizing. Presently, read on for the instructional exercise so you can handle this amazing undertaking yourself!

Materials required:

  • Printed letter layouts {print your own letters in any textual style and size you need I utilized Arial textual style, size 600 for a large portion of my letters}
  • Washi tape. I bought a large portion of mine at Michael’s, however, Amazon has a few breathtaking choices,
  • Material paper
  • Scissors
  • A utility or making blade
  • A making mat or cutting board


1) Begin by printing out your letter template(s) onto standard printer paper. I printed just the letters I really wanted. For my picked wall statement Remember that I utilized a heart shape for explaining “heart” and utilized existing 3D letters I had for “dream.”

2) Next, cut out your letter layouts. Note that a few letters will be copied. Rather than printing them off and removing them two times, you can utilize a similar layout to make different washi tape letters-yippee for saving time! Notice that I just pre-removed the external shape. I didn’t pre-removed the inward parcels since I felt that leaving them set up would make the paper more steady while utilizing the cut-out as an aide for stage 4.

3) When your formats are removed, put a piece of material paper on top of your most memorable letter. Start staying portions of print your own washi tape onto the material paper so that each strip broadens somewhat past the edge of your letter. Be certain likewise to cover each piece of tape on top of the earlier piece of tape. This will guarantee that the letter remains together when you are prepared to strip it off the material paper and put it on the wall.

4) Presently, flip the material paper over and put it on top of your mat or cutting board so that the washi tape strips are confronting. Put your letter format on top of it. Utilize your utility blade or make a blade to remove your washi tape letter, involving the format as your aide. You can utilize a fastener clasp to cut them together while you slice to forestall slippage. Note, I utilized a utility blade since that is all I had close by. I Strongly suggest a decent, sharp making blade on the off chance that you have one.

For the heart, I collapsed a piece of paper fifty and free-gave a heart shape on one-half of the paper. Then, at that point, I cut it out with the paper collapsed in half to guarantee that it was absolutely balanced. Then, at that point, I followed similar strides as above for putting the tape and removing the completed shape.

You will scarcely believe, this undertaking was Simple, however, the time had come consuming and muddled. Here is a photograph of my lounge area table where I finished this undertaking toward the day’s end. Absolute war zone.

5) Presently you are prepared to design your wall position. With the material paper still set up, I utilized a segment of scotch tape on each letter to put them on the wall. I messed with them until I was content with the position.

6) When you are prepared to stick your letters straightforwardly on your wall, cautiously strip the material paper off beginning at the top and going on as you stick it to the wall. Sorry people, I neglected to make photographs of this stride {and honestly, needed more hands to photos while staying them on the wall}. Speedy TIP: On the off chance that you have a laser level, use it for this move toward keeping each of the letters quite even!

What’s Washi Tape?

Washi Plant washi tapes are made of unrivaled washi paper with extraordinary artistic creation procedures by cutting-edge machines. All unrefined components have passed SGS affirmation and have a place with natural security materials, and we utilize unique foil materials for all foil washi tapes, the foil parts won’t tumble off even if you scratch them.

You might have to resize the papers, making them more modest and covering them, to make the right size design for the slender strip. Assuming you take a gander at the blue damask paper, above, you will see that the example truly should have been more modest to get the damask impact on the dainty tape strip… so I contracted the paper down, copied it, and covered it to get the rehashing design right.

Last consideration:

 I didn’t know the washi tape would stick alright, however, it just so happens, it does! This was one of the absolute first undertakings I handled in quite a while’s room after the walls were painted, so starting today, the print your own washi tape wall letters have been hanging for around a month and a half. Everything looks OK! 

The heart shape decal began twisting a smidgen on one corner ,so I utilized a smidgen of elastic concrete to stick it back to the wall and that brought about the ideal result. The letters are all solidly set up with no stripping or twisting. Note likewise that assuming you really do lose something and need to strip it off and reposition it, IT Doesn’t Harm YOUR WALLS OR PAINT By any stretch of the imagination! How amazing is that?!

This is a Simple task that anybody can do! Furthermore, the conceivable outcomes are inestimable. You could utilize this technique to put your kid’s name on their room wall or to embellish specific walls of your home for occasions. What is your take, will you try it out? In the event that you do, kindly offer photographs with me!

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