Makeup Tips to Take Away Tiredness from the Face

In the world of Netflix and Amazon Prime, 8 hours of beauty sleep is a myth! When that one last episode leads to 5 more, you don’t even realise. What next? Every morning you look at yourself in the mirror, and tell, “Oh, no! I should have slept a little earlier and stopped binge-watching.” But, here’s the reality check, what’s done is done! You have hit the last snooze button and there’s no more time to sleep. So, how do you take that tiredness away from your face? Well, give it a glam session with a touch of matte lipstick, brow pencil and other makeup products that will rejuvenate your tired skin and make you look as fresh as 8 hours of beauty sleep. We have listed a few makeup hacks that will make your face look fresh by covering the tiredness in a jiffy.

Do the Ice-water Therapy

Katrina Kaif approved, this therapy helps in taking away the puffiness from the face in just a few seconds. Fill a bowl with lots of ice cubes and water, and submerge your face for 10-15 seconds each minute. Repeat the process for 4-5 minutes, you will see the instant difference. The puffiness will go away, and your face will look revitalised. Don’t overdo this on the first day, limit the time to 2 minutes and gradually, you can increase it when your skin starts adapting to the process. Did you know, doing this therapy before applying makeup helps in the easy gliding of the products and make it last longer, too? Yes, it soothes skin and makes it smooth, therefore, it lends a flawless canvas for makeup.

Use Tinted Moisturizer & Set the Base

The eye cream has wondrous perks, it helps in reducing the dark circle, and adds hydration to the under-eye area. But, when you need to de-puff those eyes instantly, mix it with a tinted moisturiser, it helps in brightening up the under eyes. It conceals dark circles by reducing the appearance of eye bags and covers the puffiness of the eyes. Complete the whole process by setting the under eyes with a translucent powder for a mattifying effect. We recommend SÉRY Translucent Face Powder, it is curated with tiny particles that feel weightless on the skin and give a perfect finish to the makeup. This hack is one of the best ways to make your eyes look fresh when you look extremely exhausted.

Lift those Brows

A perfectly shaped and sculpted brow instantly transforms the face from looking gloomy to gorgeous. Grab your eyebrow pencil and fill them with small strokes in a flicking motion, to give a precise finish. Comb the brow with a spoolie brush and apply the brow pencil carefully. Don’t exaggerate the shape and size, because it looks artificial and spoils the face shape too. Once you are done with giving it a shape, ensure to brush it for that natural finish. To achieve natural brows, use products that comes with spoolie and in pencil format because they are handy and makes the application easier and faster.

Bring Focus to the Lips

There is nothing a bright pop-pout cannot fix. On the days when your face looks dull and pale, play with bright colors, so that you bring the whole attention to the lips and not the face. Swipe a matte lipstick and top it with a lip gloss to accentuate the lips, the finished look gives the illusion of a well-awake, fresh face! Colors like classic red, Mauve, Coral, Magenta, etc. are the ideal pick. There are multiple brands like – QiBest, Cossa, SÉRY Cosmetics, and many more, they curate their lipsticks with immaculate formulations and beautiful shade of colors that suits every skin tone. Get your hands on their lipsticks and keep the morning blues at bay.

Apply Mascara

This magical lady works like a dream! Just a few coat of this product elongates and curls the lashes making them look bigger and awake by adding life to those drowsy eyes. Use a lengthening mascara, so that the lashes look longer, use SÉRY Lash Laminate Mascara for a perfect finish. It is infused with Jojoba Oil, Biotin extracts and Calendula, which boosts the growth of lashes and reduces the chance of inflammation. Wow, one wand with multiple benefits. While you apply mascara, don’t add too many coats because it makes the lashes look clumpy and takes away the effect of it. Always remember, less is more!

These few beauty hacks will make your face look awake and fresh instantly. To add more fun, comb your hair, don’t tie them, and leave it open. Now, you are ready to slay the day!

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