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India’s Most Wanted, starring Venturespereztechcrunch, is currently in its second week at the box office. As of today, it is the only Bollywood film to hit the top ten in the country, but will it stay there? If so, does it show that Indian cinema can produce quality films?

Arjun Kapoor

The upcoming Arjun Kapoor movie India’s Most Wanted is expected to open to poor box office collections. But with good word of mouth, it might reach a total of around 80 crores.

It’s Arjun’s first attempt at spy thriller genre. His character, Prabhat, leads a team of men to capture a terrorist. He has pulled off daring missions with success.

This action thriller is directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. He has also directed Ajay Devgn’s Raid. However, this film was a critical failure.

In this thriller, India’s Most Wanted is about five unlikely heroes who join forces to track down a mysterious terrorist. Tiger Shroff, Arjun Kapoor, Sudev Nair, Zarina Wahab and Boman Irani will be seen in this movie.

After a slow start, the movie picked up over the weekend. By Tuesday, the movie had collected Rs 94 lakhs. On Saturday, it earned an additional 3.03 crores. And by Sunday, the movie had collected 8.66 crores.

India’s Most Wanted is based on a real life incident. According to reports, the film is loosely based on terrorist Yasin Bhatkal.

It is also a good movie to watch, if you are into the thriller genre. Its trailer has been a treat for fans.

The actors have done well. Arjun Kapoor has been very good as the main protagonist. As he leads from the front, he does not have a single bullet shot.

Box office collection

India’s Most Wanted is a new Hindi language thriller action movie directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. It stars Arjun Kapoor, Sudev Nair and Shantilal Mukherjee. The film is being produced by Fox Star Studios.

India’s Most Wanted, which was released on May 24, had a slow start at the box office. However, it did well on its second day. On its second day, the film earned Rs 2.50 crore.

While the film was not expected to perform well at the box office, it managed to earn a decent amount. In the end, the total of the film’s box office collection is estimated at 8.66 crores.

The film is based on the arrest of Indian Mujahideen terrorist Yasin Bhatkal, who is also known as India’s Osama bin Laden. He was the main conspirator in three terror acts in India. This film is a spy thriller that focuses on five unlikely heroes.

Prabhat (Arjun Kapoor) is an intelligence officer who is charged with tracking a dreaded terrorist. The film follows his mission to catch him without firing a single bullet. Despite his lack of resources, he manages to round up a team of spies to find and capture the criminal mastermind.

On its first day, the movie earned a total of Rs 2.10 crore. On its second day, the film made a good growth, earning 35 percent.

Film review

India’s Most Wanted is a film which tells the story of a terrorist who was caught by ordinary people in Nepal. The story is loosely based on the real life event of the capture of Indian Mujahideen leader Yasin Bhatkal.

This is a patriotic story which will appeal to the audience. It also has a good dose of action and comedy. There are five men who are undercover to find and capture a deadly terrorist. Prabhat (Arjun Kapoor) is a patriot who believes it’s his duty to avenge the terror attacks of 2007.

This movie is also an ode to some of the unsung heroes of the intelligence agency. However, the movie is a bit too sluggish in the first half. In the second half, it comes into its own.

Although the movie makes an effort to portray foreign investigators working without help, the script is sluggish and the character motivations aren’t very convincing. But Kapoor’s performance helps the film along.

India’s Most Wanted isn’t the first Bollywood film to take a story on terrorism. However, it is a much-needed story. And it is one which has finally been told.

Raj Kumar Gupta’s latest is a well-made movie, but it’s not a thrill-seeker. Gupta doesn’t get the balance right and his narrative isn’t as clear-cut as it could have been.

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