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With so many documentaries available on DVD these days, it can be hard to choose the best ones. Here are a few to help you decide:

For the Love of Spock

Whether you are a Star Trek buff or not, you will probably find something of interest in this saga. Despite the fact that Leonard Nimoy passed away in 2015, his legacy is still felt in the Star Trek franchise. To keep his memory fresh, the aforementioned actor has continued to make guest appearances on the latest installments of the rebooted series. Moreover, the actor’s name is still synonymous with some of the greatest characters to ever step foot on Star Trek property.

For the Staircase

For the Staircase is a true crime drama series that is currently airing on HBO Max. It is inspired by the documentary series of the same name. The show is about Michael Peterson’s murder of his wife, Kathleen. This case has become a sensation.

In 2003, Michael Peterson was convicted of the murder of his wife. He is an aspiring local politician, newspaper columnist, and marine corps veteran. After serving eight years in prison, Michael was freed after making a plea deal with a judge. But true crime fans continue to wonder what really happened.

Food, Inc.

The food industry is one of the most regulated industries in the United States and one that deserves a fair shake. While the industry has a long standing history of innovation, it’s also had a dark history of greed and corruption. From mislabeling products to using taxpayer money to bribe politicians, it’s no wonder America’s health has suffered.

One of the industry’s more recent luminaries is the documentary Food, Inc. The film covers a wide swath of the industry and is narrated by Eric Schlosser. Besides examining the industry’s biggest hitters, the film also covers the state of America’s food safety and nutrition infrastructure. To a certain extent, this has been a positive. However, the industry has also spawned a number of charlatans who know how to lie to the public.

Lost in La Mancha

Lost in La Mancha is a documentary about Terry Gilliam’s quest to create his first feature film, a film inspired by the classic novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. This epic tale of the quest to make a movie is a fascinating look at the trials and tribulations involved in making such a film.

The film traces the trials and tribulations of the project from the very first shot. It was initially intended to be a “making of” type documentary. However, it turned into a saga, which spanned more than two years.

Winnebago Man

Winnebago Man is a documentary film about a reclusive salesman named Jack Rebney. He gained fame when his foul-mouthed outbursts from a 1989 RV sales promotional film became viral on the Internet. Now he lives alone on a mountaintop.

“Winnebago Man” started out as a four-minute outtakes reel that was shot for a Winnebago sales video. The clip sparked a cult following among videotape collectors.

Life, Animated

Life, Animated is a documentary film about the autistic life of Owen Suskind and the bafflingly long road to recovery that ensued. It is no doubt a tad on the nose to a degree and a touch too warm to the jugular, but it is a must see. A plethora of enlightened filmmakers, a gaggle of affable narrers, and a veritable phalanx of family, Life, Animated is a film well worth the effort of your time and kibosh.

Rick Singer’s side doors

Those who have a keen interest in the college admissions scandal may be interested in the new Netflix documentary, Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal. It follows the largest Department of Justice investigation of the college admissions process in American history.

Using re-enactments of phone calls recorded by the FBI, the film brings to light the complexities of the college admissions process. In particular, it reveals how a bribe can guarantee acceptance to the college of your choice.

Last Breath

Last Breath is a film about a team of deep sea divers in the North Sea. The documentary features interviews with a number of different people involved in the event. Using archive footage and reconstructs from black box recordings, the directors examine the events that occurred.

It is an example of a disaster doc subgenre. It is also a fact-based narrative thriller. However, the film veers towards saccharine near the end.


Icarus is a documentary film about the doping scandal in sport. The film was directed by Bryan Fogel and is set to be released on Netflix. It won the Best Documentary Feature award at the 90th Academy Awards.

It’s a movie that’s both entertaining and disturbing. It’s about a Russian whistleblower who helped to expose the country’s Olympic doping scheme.

He’s also a man who had a long career in sports, including as a cyclist. In the film, he attempts to fake a professional-grade doping test.

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