Payment Methods: Understanding Deposits and Withdrawals

Twenty years ago, no one would ever have thought that we could make payments over the internet at all, let alone that it’s a safe payment method. What started out as simply entering your credit card number and filling out your information has turned into payment services and fast checkouts. The world wide web is evolving.

However, because of the abundance of choices, barely anyone can be sure which is the best way to pay online. This is especially true in the world of online casinos, where there are a variety of top casino deposit methods.

The best way to choose the right payment method for yourself is to learn more about how they work. Knowing your way around different payment methods can also help you protect yourself from scams and unwanted charges even outside the realm of online casinos. Learn about the ins and outs of deposits and withdrawals here!

Types of deposit (payment) methods

The different payment methods that are most commonly available in online casinos are listed below.

Credit and debit cards

A debit card is a great payment choice for an online casino, and pretty much anywhere else on the internet, as it adds an extra layer of security. 

When you use a debit card, the payment has to go through your bank where you approve the payment with a unique PIN as well as a payment network such as Visa or Mastercard. The payment network further verifies both bank accounts before proceeding with the transaction, so you can be sure your payment is safe.

Credit cards are less safe than debit cards because you’re essentially paying with borrowed money. This money later appears on your bank statement which you must pay back. The transaction process, however, is the same as with debit cards.

The reason debit cards are safer than credit cards is that the only money you can spend from debit cards is the money you already have on them. This prevents you from going into credit card debt after getting your information stolen online.


The most common examples of e-wallets are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Alipay. These mobile wallets essentially store all your payment information and have it ready for you to pay. While some may have qualms about the security of e-wallets, they are perfectly safe to shop and pay online with.

You can store a certain amount of money on these e-wallets and complete transactions quickly and easily. However, take note that e-wallets are a new introduction to the world of online payments and may not be a valid payment method in certain places.

Still, e-wallets are versatile in the fact that other than money, they can also store your tickets and bookings. They also provide a faster way to pay your bills. 


Cryptocurrencies are a rising star in terms of payment methods. They’re slowly becoming popular enough to warrant the opening of crypto casinos. 

However, as with most other payment methods, not all casinos will accept cryptocurrency as a valid payment method. It shouldn’t prove much of a challenge, regardless, as crypto owners can sell their assets in any amount at any time.

Payment links

As long as you can recognize a safe transaction, payment links are totally secure and efficient payment methods. Once you request to deposit funds into your online casino account through this method, the only casino will send you an e-mail or text message with a link to the payment page.

The simplicity of payment links is what makes them a great choice for online casinos and their patrons. Nobody really wants to spend twenty minutes on the deposit screens. This is time they could spend playing one of the casino’s games.

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