Penis Envy Shrooms: The Trippiest Psilocybe Cubensis

One of the most famous and controversial Psilocybe cubensis strains is Penis Envy shrooms. It’s not only because of its name but it is one of the most potent due to its psilocybin content. It is reported that the average Penis Envy mushroom contained 50–100% more psilocybin than the typical P. cubensis strain. Only one sample, the Tidal Wave strain, showed greater psilocybin concentrations. That’s because the genetics of Tidal Wave itself is a mix between Penis Envy and B+.

This great potency shows that it is one of the trippiest strains and is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy an otherwordly psychedelic experience. However, if the dosage is carefully managed, anyone can dive into this mushroom.

All About Penis Envy Shrooms


This fungus was selectively produced, as it has developed traits unlikely to occur in nature. It displays a thick, dense, bulbous shaft with a somewhat underdeveloped cap that only occasionally separates from the stem. Its fruits can be enormous and are often shorter and denser.

It doesn’t have the same colour. Often Penis Envy has a light tan colour, though there are numerous variants. The most frequent variety feature is the blue bruises on the stem, which is a sign of high psilocybin content. Typically, the velum that divides the stem from the cap is nonexistent, and the cap is unstructured.

It is challenging to develop this strain due to its unusual sporulation process, which is frequently light and occasionally ineffective. This variety is also one of the densest while being shorter and often smaller than other varieties.


It produces an intense and profound psychedelic trip since it is one of the world’s strongest and most potent magic mushroom strains regarding psychoactive potential. Most users claim that it results in a profoundly immersive psychedelic experience with intense euphoria and euphoric discovery, profound philosophical ideations, extraordinary mental clarity, tremendous joy, and a unique perspective on personal feelings. Some people have reported feeling contented and relaxed as a result of it.

These effects are all dependent on the amount a user consumes. The higher the dosage, the more potent the results will happen. Hence, beginners must take lower doses to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the experience.

Where to Buy

The best way to access a real strain of Penis Envy is to find reputable dispensaries. These shops guarantee they source their mushrooms and other products from expert farmers and brands.

Online dispensaries are an even more convenient way to buy your shrooms. You get your orders delivered to you at your doorstep, and they offer plenty of discounts and affordable options. If you have decided to purchase this potent strain of cubensis, you can try Zoomies Canada. They have everything you need, and they offer the best customer service.

Different Ways to Consume 

If you have recently purchased a batch of this strain, you will want to try them in different ways possible so you will be able to enjoy them. It also goes with other magic mushrooms. You can consume them in various methods you prefer.

Ingest Directly

One of the most common methods of taking cubensis is to eat them directly. It will take 45 minutes before the effects, but this largely depends on how full your stomach is, the dosage, and metabolism.


Incorporating them into food is an excellent technique to eliminate the taste and texture many people encounter. You can spice up your magic mushroom by adding them to meals and drinks, or it is also possible to buy lab-tested edibles online.

Cup of Tea

Another excellent approach to absorbing this intense and strong psychedelic is to make a cup of tea. Instead of eating the dried version, drinking tea has quickly become a preferred mode of ingestion and is highly advised. Many people find drinking psilocybin mushroom tea is considerably more enjoyable than chewing and much easier on the stomach.


Another way you can enjoy this strain is by taking capsules. You can prepare yours or buy them ready-made from online dispensaries. Often, people use the capsule form to microdose with psychedelics.

Microdosing is taking small amounts of psilocybin to avoid the psychoactive effects while enjoying a better mood, increased focus and concentration, and enhanced creativity.

Lemon Tek

You can increase the intensity of a trip by the method of Lemon Tekking. It is quick and straightforward to use, and many have claimed that the psilocybin is broken down by the acidity of the lemon, intensifying your psychedelic experience.

Studies on Shrooms

Besides the profound psychedelic experience with magic mushrooms, multiple studies show their benefits in treating mental health issues like depression and anxiety. It has also been used to treat substance abuse and other behavioural disorders.


Penis Envy is one of the most well-known mushroom varieties worldwide due to its intense effects and unique appearance. Although it has a confusing history, they are still the most loved strains of cubensis. It is possible to enjoy them in multiple ways, from intense trips to daily microdosing. Either way, you’ll enjoy the benefits of shrooms.

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