Pros And Cons Of Using Fibonacci Strategy at Baccarat 

As you probably know, baccarat is a game of chance that has little to do with strategy. The game itself is very simple, without many rules and complications and a small selection of betting options. Given that the game itself is mostly run by the dealer, it seems that there is not much we can do to increase our chances of winning. However, if you are convinced that the only thing you can do is rely on your luck, carry an amulet in your pocket or simply place a bet and hope for the best, you are mistaken. When it comes to the strategies that we can apply to baccarat, they do not refer to the technique of the game itself, since it is more or less non-existent, but to the distribution of your money in the most optimal way so that you can stretch your bankroll as much as necessary and increase your chances of winning by playing for the long run.

Today we will discuss the biggest pros and cons of using the Fibonacci method, one of the most commonly applied playing methods in baccarat.

The Fibonacci Method 

The system is based on a mathematical method that was discovered by the mathematician Leonardo Bonacci of Pisa which dates back to the 1200s AD.

The method relies on a sequence of numbers and it was discovered when the mathematician was trying to solve problems caused by a growing population of rabbits.

The method is widely applied even today and is often used by gambling enthusiasts in several different games, the most popular being roulette where the system is used specifically for even money bets.

How Does The Fibonacci System Work 

The system is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers where each number is a sum of the previous two numbers. To use the system you need to memorize the sequence that it produces or do the math in your head. Since each number equals the sum of the previous two, your sequence would go 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144, and so on. Basically, you use the system to determine how much you should wager on your next bet. 

You start by creating a bankroll, which should be the amount that you are comfortable playing with and potentially losing in the worst-case scenario. Select an amount that you will start with which shouldn’t be more than 5% of your total bankroll. Most players say that 2% is an optimal amount, to begin with. The starting amount needs to remain the same throughout the game.

For example, if your total bankroll comes up to $1000 if you were to start with the optimal 2% that would mean that your initial wager is $20. This number will not change at any point in the game. If you win the round you bet another $20, but if you lose you move up the sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8-13). Again you bet $20, but if you were to lose again, your wager goes up to $40, after another loss you are going to bet $60, then $100, and so on.

The trick is to move up the sequence after each bet lost, and move back down the sequence by 2 numbers after each win.

To use the system correctly simply move through the sequence accordingly after each loss or win and follow the pattern as you go.

Now that you are no longer wondering how the Fibonacci baccarat strategy works, with the basics of the Fibonacci strategy and how to apply it, we are going to get into some pros and cons of playing baccarat using a Fibonacci betting system.

Pros of Using a Fibonacci Method in Baccarat:

  • The system enables you to get your money back. By moving up the sequence after each loss you eventually recoup your losses by doubling the stakes each time. Of course, this strategy calls for a bigger bankroll to work properly, and requires you to start with a small portion of the bankroll to keep you in the game for as long as possible.
  • Due to the nature of the sequence, this system is likely to produce a number of smaller profits that pay out over time.
  • Since it isn’t an exceptionally aggressive strategy you are unlikely to quickly go through your bankroll.
  • It gives you stability and control of your bankroll, which helps you stay in check with how much you bet and makes it hard for players to go over the budget and bet an unreasonable amount.
  • It is easy to follow especially if you have the sequence laid out in front of you.

Cons of the Fibonacci Method in Baccarat:

  • Although it isn’t overly complicated, there are far simpler betting methods that you can use that are similarly effective. For instance, the D’Alembert negative progression strategy is far easier to use since it only requires you to increase your stakes by one after each win and also by one after each loss. Since Fibonacci does require a bit of calculating it can be easy to make a mistake and put the whole sequence at stake.
  • Don’t expect to make large profits using this strategy. This is more of a long and steady wins-the-race type of strategy that produces multiple smaller profits over a longer period 
  • The betting system can grow quite tiring after a long losing streak. The whole bankroll can be run through in a matter of 10 bets if bad luck strikes which is why you would need a sizable bankroll, to begin with. Such streaks are unlikely but still possible which makes the strategy not so foolproof.
  • Much like any progressive strategy the Fibonacci system doesn’t remove the house edge which puts the house at an advantage over a longer period of time.

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