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A private 5G network essentially is a network dedicated solely to the customer’s own use and provides dedicated bandwidth using 5G technology – featured with more reliability, effective availability, unified connectivity, optimised services, and highly customizable and secure communication. In other words, a private 5G network is something, using the engineering wireless services, a dedicated network can be created to offer and suitable for more business-oriented applications. A private 5G network is also known as a local area network or non-public 5G network, an alternative to Wi-Fi, along with public Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and public 5G that provide more speed and security measures and require less power. So, now let us see what is a Private 5G Network? What are the advantages of it along with Reliable 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Reliable 4G Testing RF drive test software, Cellular LTE RF drive test tools & equipment.

Private 5G networks provide complete coverage with a high degree of security, be it indoor or outdoor. Therefore, this network makes itself a good choice for factories, campuses, and other large places, especially where security and low-latency connectivity are utmost. A private network is suitable for protection and human safety, sensor control, and security – it allows enterprises to configure the network according to their requirements and adhere to their standards. Further, it permits enterprises to dedicate bandwidth for ultra-reliable, low-latency use cases like automation, entertainment, IT, and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Some of the gains of deploying a private 5G network are:

Reducing your dependence on service providers or network operators, thereby allowing complete control over operating methods.

  • Low operating costs, low levels of latency, and fast reconfiguration.
  • Separate data processing and storage.
  • Security policies can be designed and controlled within the organization, which will allow companies to customize their network in such a way as they want.
  • The overall high speeds, reduced latency, and 5G application support

Use cases of Private 5G network

  • Remote locations where there is no sufficient structure to support 5G networks.
  • Campus environments such as hospitals, universities, transport hubs, or military bases rely on IoT (Internet of Things) applications.
  • For public venues which require on-site connectivity, private 5G is recommended to them.
  • Factories require sensor equipment and rely on valuable data collection and analysis.
  • In the manufacturing domain to improve the density and performance of autonomous vehicles, robotics, and other automation technologies.
  • In healthcare, private 5G can be deployed by harvesting generated data and combining it with AI.
  • Oil and gas companies enable them to automate, monitor and centralize much of their critical maintenance and engineering operations using private 5G.

Here are the benefits or advantages of using a Private 5G network.

Greater Security

In this digital world, where cybercrime is a major concern, a private 5G network is the most recommended solution for several industries to deploy because it provides greater security. As it provides connectivity only for authorised devices, hence security threats are reduced. With private 5G, the network operator will be able to establish individual security policies rather than relying on outside providers, and for this reason, organizations deploying private 5G will be benefited from dealing with sensitive data and information.

Improved Reliability Even Wherever You Are

A private 5G network offers very high network reliability and guaranteed coverage both indoors and outdoors, which is crucial for accurate and timely data collection. In addition, 5G will benefit you with increased bandwidth, high data rates, low latency, high security, reliability, and scalability, therefore enterprises can enjoy these 5G benefits wherever they are and in where public networks are unavailable such as remote or rural areas. However, there are situations when you’ll run across bandwidth problems. This PRTG bandwidth monitoring tool will assist you in enhancing network performance and identifying bottlenecks in such circumstances.

Low Latency

5G network has a lower latency, which is not only beneficial for enhanced communication between devices but also suited for real-time mission-critical applications and much more predictable than public networks. Low latency is especially required in manufacturing industries to develop smart factories, digital twins, edge devices, AR, IoT devices, etc., and manage operational processes. Private networks are much more predictable than public networks hence ideal for X-Ray machines, autonomous robotics, and vehicles.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, some of the additional benefits are Enhanced bandwidth, unobstructed connectivity, increased efficiency, more flexibility, ultimate scalability, reconfigurability, and more.


As private 5G advances, many organizations with varied requirements (manufacturing plants, logistics, autonomous vehicles) are getting ahead of the curve by investing heavily in this telecommunications technology. Organizations with many mobile users are starting to use private 5G, and superior connectivity of this network is the major concern to look after. So, network measurement plays the utmost role in securely managing the types of traffic that may occur on their network. Choosing RantCell for such purposes is the best solution. If you are an enterprise, business, telecom operator, or internet service provider, RantCell will help in testing and monitoring your network to provide a better networking solution in terms of QoE and QoS. RantCell is developed as a smartphone-based mobile network testing tool that can provide you with indoor testing solutions, benchmarking solutions, and drive testing for outdoor networks with full automation.

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