Questions that You Must Ask While Hiring a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer

It is a good idea to ask questions when you meet your truck attorney for the first time. However, it can be challenging to know what questions you should ask to your attorney because there is often so much that occurs following an accident that survivors and/or their families are unsure of where to start.

Therefore, we have put up a list of questions you might want to ask a potential Houston truck accident lawyer during consultations and initial meetings.

1. How much experience you and your firm have to handle truck accident cases?

Look for a knowledgeable and experienced truck accident lawyer who is well familiar with the legal system that governs the majority of truck operations (like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations).

2. Are truck accidents your specialty?

Compared to other forms of accidents, truck accidents are something unique. Trucks and heavy commercial vehicles are affected different way by state and federal rules. The equipment used may also be specialized, and the cargo must follow all regulations.

3. What documents should I bring during my initial consultation?

Asking what information, and documents will help you have a more fruitful chat with a potential Texas truck accident lawyer before your initial personal meeting.

4. What is the basic process involved in a case of personal injury or wrongful death?

As soon as possible, it might be beneficial for a client to have a basic awareness of the many stages such cases usually go through. 

5. Who is going to handle my case?

You might or might not meet with the attorney(s) who will actually handle the majority of the litigation in your case during the consultation. Most huge companies may have such issue.

6. How often usually your cases go for court trial?

You may want to find out how their potential Texas truck accident lawyer thinks about going to trial versus negotiating settlements and whether they strongly favor either course of action.

7. Do you see any hitch in my case?

Even if unexpected challenges may come up in the future, an experienced Texas truck accident lawyer can use his knowledge to guide a case clear of any pitfalls.

8. Do you hire any subject-matter experts or expert witnesses?

When holding a trucking company, truck driver, or other entity accountable through litigation, subject-matter specialists are often crucial.

9. How often do you discuss with your clients?

Your personal injury lawyer should keep you informed on any changes or developments they may encounter by communicating with you frequently about the progress of your case.

10. What is their reputation?

A Houston truck accident attorney deserving of hiring will have a track record of success. Your confidence and peace of mind are increased when you work with a reputable attorney. You may rely on their suggestions and strategies to be beneficial to you.

Selecting an accident lawyer is not a rocket science. Rely on the years of experience of Texas Truck Accident Lawyer to get you the necessary protection you need.

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