River Monster games: 3 Games Perfect for Newbies

Rivermonster games are one of the most riveting in the online casino world—With their fluid gameplay and immersive audio, it isn’t all that surprising. For a newcomer to the world of online gambling, RiverMonster casino is a perfect place to begin your journey and play all sorts of games, from Online Slots to fish table games. Though RiverMonster has a perfect curation of games, a beginner still needs a guide to make the process easier.

So, here is a list of three RiverMonster games perfect for beginners.

Crab King

Crab king is a fish table game that follows the line of other popular games like Ocean King and Fishing Star. Its excellent gameplay, intuitive user interface, and killer graphics set it at the top echelon of RiverMonster games. The basics of this game are simple: use your weapon to catch fish, do this in subsequent rounds, and eliminate the boss fish. Crab king also has features that simplify gaming, like the full-screen bomb, which eliminates all the fish currently on-screen.

Golden Toad

Golden Toad is another online slot game heavily influenced by Asian culture. It is a five-reel, three-slot game with ten fixed paylines where all wins pay adjacently. This means that high rollers have to get three matching symbols on successive reels anywhere on this payline; winning becomes simpler because players can get matching reels in various positions – in the middle, left to right, or right to left. Golden Toad has a return-to-player of 96%, and filling all the cells with wilds can get you 5000 times your bet!!!!!

Deepsea Volcamon

Deepsea Volcamon is one of the most popular RiverMonster games; apart from that, it is one of the most popular fish table games. It is an online sweepstakes game that kept the user in mind as they designed it. Everything from its interface, sound design, and graphics shows a commitment to quality User experience. Part of the things that make Deepsea Volcamon a behemoth is its custom multiplayer mode, where you can play with friends. This is an experience not felt regularly by most punters as they are forced to play most games alone. Among fish table games, Deepsea Volcamon is perfect for every beginner. 

Tips when playing RiverMonster games

Though Rivermonster games promise you nothing but steady wins and prizes, Here are some tips to maximize your chances and ensure wins while playing.

Understand the rules of the game

Every game on RiverMonster has specific rules, whether Slot game, table game or Fish table game. Understanding these rules is integral to winning.

Don’t attempt to cheat

Many beginners are guilty of this and try to find the wrong path to win. Cheating will not work. Instead, it will lead to your account being suspended and blocked from the platform.

Play free modes

Most RiverMonster games have free modes that players rarely use. Instead, they splash money blindly and end up feeling frustrated. Free modes help players understand in-game mechanics and strategies to win.


RiverMonster casino has one of the finest catalogs of games in online gambling history, and it offers not just a wide variety but fantastic user experiences to go with it. Unfortunately, while the casino offers terrific games, sometimes beginners need guidance on which games to play. The games mentioned here are slot games that pay real money and Fish Table games that give rewards.

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