Should I Buy the Sig P365 Tacpac? Here We Help You Decide

There’s no getting away from the fact that pistols are more popular than ever with people wanting to protect themselves. This naturally raises the question of the best pistol for concealed carry, and a model that often comes up is the Sig P365 Tacpac.

The truth is that everyone is different, so there’s no hard and fast answer that will be correct for everyone. However, it is a popular choice for a reason, so we aim to help you understand whether it’s right for you in this article. 

What to Consider When Buying a Pistol 

Before we start banging on about what a great package the Sig P365 Tacpac represents, let’s first examine some of the main factors that need to be considered buying a pistol. When searching for the ideal option, the following basic factors should be a given. 

It should be:

  • A pistol that’s known for being reliable, as you need it to function when the time comes
  • Small enough for you concealed carry comfortably without it being seen
  • Comfortable in your hand, allowing you to reach all the important parts
  • Offer good performance & allow you to draw the weapon smoothly & quickly

Got that? Ok, so let’s take a look at the Winning features of the Sig P365…

Nice & Light In the Hand 

The P365 is a small, micro-compact handgun that’s designed for everyday use, meaning that it’s nice and light in the hand. It features a polymer frame with a stainless steel slide assembly, and the felt recoil is good and damp, so you actually stand a chance of hitting the target with multiple rounds. 

The Sig P365 Tacpac also comes with a neat holster and a couple of extended-round mags, so you’re pretty much set up to go right out of the box.

Clear, Easy to See, Sights 

As standard, the P365 comes with X-Ray3 day/night sights mounted on the slide, which are super-easy to view and won’t snag when drawing due to not being contoured. 

Looking at the front sight, you’ll see a green donut featuring a tritium insert that allows you still see it clearly in low light. Also, the sights have a dove-tail design that allows the user to maximise range. 

Responsive Trigger 

Some handguns have issues with trigger pressure adjustments, but the P365 is ready to go immediately with a smooth action that features a clean break. With a curved design, it might not be as sought-after as some trigger blades, but it is a good one. 

Lastly, the diminutive size of the P365 makes it perfect for concealed carry. Easily tucked away on the waistband of your jeans, it also feels nice and comfy when in a seated position. In fact, it’s so unobtrusive that you might even forget what you’re carrying! 

For Concealed Carry, the Sig P365 Tacpac Can’t Be Beaten

There are many handguns to choose from on the market, from those made by Beretta, Glock, Smith & Wesson and Ruger, however, we can’t think of a concealed carry handgun that adds more value to the shooter at its price point. 

For just a couple of cents less than $550, the Tacpac from Sig Sauer can be yours and boy, do you get a lot for your money! As such, if it’s within your budget, you could do a lot worse than invest in one. 

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