The Best Korean Skincare Routine In 10 Steps

The obsession with Korean beauty persists. The well-known 10-step skin care regimen is one of the pillars of the K-beauty movement. My readers frequently ask me about complex and difficult skincare regimens. I want to use this chance to go over all the specifics. Not a fan of all the actions? Do you get enough sleep? I fully comprehend. I’ll let you in on a little secret: the result of most of these operations is the same. Therefore, you only need to check some items every night. One more thing before we get started: an expert in dermatology. Evidence-based skincare products are quite popular with me. Like you, I like the newest skincare fads. But I’ve broken down the traditional Korean regimen into 10 phases to ensure I’m using my time and money properly. (Korean Beauty Store)

Step 1: Makeup Removal

A crucial first step! Makeup must be removed entirely due to the potential for irritation caused by cosmetic chemicals. Additionally, debris and oil can lodge in the skin, causing inflammation and outbreaks. Remover for makeup is an option. Not by themselves. Consider wipes as the initial step in dissolving makeup components. But to get rid of filth, you still need to wash and clean each other.

Step 2: Cleanse (And Double Cleanse!)

You have now completely removed all makeup. It’s time to tidy up. I use washing foam every time. But when I wear a lot of makeup, I double cleanse a famous Korean beauty technique in which I first wash my face with cleansing oil and then rewash it with foam. More effectively than a cleanser, this substance opens pores and eliminates makeup.

Step 3: Exfoliate

I don’t do it daily; I do it around twice a week. And will give skin a silky, glossy appearance. Black sugar, glycolic acid, or alpha hydroxy acid scrubs can be used for this. Avoid misuse for those with sensitive skin. Redness may result from these photo exfoliants. (Beauty Supply Stores Open Near Me)

Step 4: Tone

I’ve never ingested a tonic. However, I only apply this method occasionally. If I don’t think my skin needs it. Many cleansers are inherently alkaline and can cause the skin’s pH to rise, which is the major justification for making a toner. The tonic aids in bringing the skin’s pH back to normal. It Tightens pores and removes oil spots. Nowadays, most cleansers do not change the pH of the skin. However, I take an extra step to remove my makeup with toner. Even after washing, the skin still has dirt or other pollutants. These days, many toners have unique components that help hydrate and soften the face.

Step 5: Treat

As a dermatologist, I introduced this step because I believe in the effectiveness of tailored therapy for skin issues. You will apply topical treatments here, whether rosacea or prescription medication for acne. Or an effective substance, like vitamin C. To keep the medication near the skin, I treat it before using a moisturizer.

Step 6-8: Intense Hydration

Here’s an instance of how I streamlined your job by including a few steps: extreme hydration is a common theme among essences, serums, and ampoules. Composition and viscosity are what distinguish these items from one another. The least dense and lightest is the essence. The ampoule is the thickest and most concentrated (see it as a toner in the range). Its three serums function as a tonic and a moisturizing phase after treatment. And should you use moisturizer before all three? Depending on the type of skin. Suppose you are dehydrated and require additional hydration. You may test out the wide variety of these goods. Choose a less potent oil, such as an essential oil, if your skin is greasy, and move on to the following step.

Step 9: Sheet Mask

Depending on my skin type, I might treat myself to a sheet mask once or twice each week. The additional layer of moisture that sheet masks add is an advantage. In addition, the black mask is a bonus, and a 20-minute sheet mask is the ideal amount of time to unwind while watching TV or listening to music! (Best Beauty Supply)

Step 10: Moisturizer

A decent night cream that will keep all the moisture in is the final stage. It comes with an eye cream and a rich night cream for the face. To assist in repairing the skin barrier, I like to pick a moisturizer that contains ceramides.

Simple Korean skincare with 10 steps! I hope this eliminates all misunderstandings regarding the various phases and goods.

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