The New Application Happn

You’ve probably heard of the new application Happn, but have you tried it yet? Happn is the brainchild of serial tech entrepreneur Didier Rappaport and works by enabling users to meet people randomly. It debuted in 2014 in an already crowded market and has since burst onto the global stage, with nearly 50 million users worldwide. The app is available in 40 countries and 50 major cities around the world.

The free version of Happn lets you send Hellos to your crushes. The app will display four people who recently crossed your path. Simply select one and send an instant message. If you guess incorrectly, you’ll receive a ‘like’ instead. Those who are premium can hide their profiles, too. And if you’re interested in making new friends, you can use Happn’s voice recognition feature to get to know more about the people you’re interested in.

The app also has geolocation features, but not to the same degree as Tinder, which can be problematic for people with low-information-gathering skills. Happn limits its users’ geolocations to 250 meters. It is also worth noting that the app does not reimburse users’ subscriptions. The only downside is that you can’t cancel your subscription, which automatically renews after a certain period. Overall, Happn is a great app for casual encounters, but it is not for everyone.

Happn’s popularity has led to the creation of various functions that make it useful for both young and old. The ‘charm’ function, for example, is useful for making contact with a love interest. This is a function which appears on a love interest’s notifications. Once the love interest sees this, they can decide whether to respond or not. In some cases, it’s possible to send messages to a person who has liked you, but this is a premium feature.

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