The pediatrician pointed out that cannabis oil in cigarettes is more potent. Real users confirm another voice, suggesting limited sales.

On July 14, Assoc. Prof. Dr Chaiyot Kongkhitham, Head of Neurology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, interviewed about the case of marijuana use among children and adolescents that the use of marijuana in children who are more problematic than in adults due to curious age factors, want to try, have a group of friends to guide. Unlike adults who have a high opinion of themselves. Decision-making with oneself more than others and more maturity. CBD shop will inform you about all.

Children’s brains change in functioning at every age. The neurochemicals in the brain are different from those of adults. The response to the drug and the side effects after using cannabis differs from that of adults. Children will have more such as the United States’ extensive educational data. Children who use cigarettes or e-cigarettes have a chance to grow up and use other drugs. More than the non-using group, f95zoneusa the problem with marijuana in Thailand now is easier access. Still lack tightness.

The Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand, the Pediatrician Association of Thailand and the Pediatric Neurology Association, have campaigned on the dangers of marijuana use in children. It must be fully controlled and limited.

  • When asked about using cannabis oil in e-cigarettes, that is more common among teenagers.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Chaiyot said that This form of cannabis use is now used. The documents from the Department of Medicine also talk about the effects of such forms of marijuana use. The danger of using this format is Bringing homemade cannabis oil, And I don’t know that there is a minimal amount of THC and CBD shop. Drop it in e-cigarettes; it can be dangerous because of the extraction of cannabis oil from the inflorescences. It will be more concentrated from the inflorescence already.

“The foreign countries used are regulated at the medical level. This means it can tell you how much THC and CBD it contains and advice on how to use it. Which can be controlled unless used incorrectly, but as far as I know, now Thailand doesn’t have a word to tell how much the substance is. so the problem is Use cannabis oil that you can find yourself. and  f95zone don’t know the quantity. It will be dangerous from too much THC exposure,” Assoc. Prof. Dr Chaiyos said.

The cannabis user (anonymous) said that the electrified form of cannabis oil is the same as an e-cigarette. But the oil used for the drops is not the same type applied under the tongue. Foreign countries will have to use it at the medical level because the price is very high. Starting from 3,000 baht per gram, the amount of THC is as high as 40-50 times.

So, it’s illegal in Thailand that it’s 0.2% by weight.

But abroad, f95forum it will be sold only to people with real health problems. There will be a certificate from a lab stating how much THC and CBD are. How is it used to relieve symptoms? As they bought it, try to use it as a pain reliever. Use two cylinders at a time before bedtime. It is considered to be able to sleep a lot. A small amount can be used for almost two months, but if it is to be smoked like a cigarette used throughout the day, it is definitely dangerous.

This is a concern. as a medical marijuana user. Therefore, I suggest that there is a limit to online sales. It should be sold in front of the shop only. To have a check of those who will come to buy from CBD shop.

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