Top 10 Automation Testing courses available online

Certifications are proof of increased proficiency in the field for which the program was taken. They help enhance and validate a person’s technical capability within a particular field. You will come across many tools using which you can create automation code in various programming languages.

But to use these tools properly, you must invest your time in an Automation Testing Course. Doing so will help you gain more knowledge and understanding about these tools and various other things. This post lists the best automation testing course online that you can consider. Let’s check them out.

The best online Automation Testing courses

Under this section, you will come across the 10 best online automation testing courses ideal for automation enthusiasts.

1. Automation Test Engineer [Simplilearn]

This program will offer you a complete understanding of the software testing technologies, such as

  • Docker
  • Appium
  • Selenium Grid
  • TestNG
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Maven

This course is for individuals who wish to master web application development for all virtual computing platforms. You will learn all the advanced concepts of Java EE and Core Java 8. The program will also teach you how to use and create containers for the Docker platform. Besides that, this program will teach you how to utilize the strong testing framework for automating web applications.

Before you take up the course, check out this video to gain some insights on automation testing:

2. Selenium WebDriver [Udemy]

This selenium automation testing course will help you complete the automation testing process, such as:

  • WebDriver IO
  • Selenium
  • NodeJS
  • JavaScript
  • Many More

This automation testing course will also cover the following technologies:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • JavaScript
  • Mocha
  • Chai

You will also learn excellent programming concepts, such as page object modeling, abstraction, etc.

3. Mobile Automation by Appium Cucumber for iOS and Android [Udemy]

This is a mobile automation course that will teach you all the things to conduct automation testing on mobile phones. The online automation testing course will teach how to utilize the Uiautomatorviewer and Appium inspector. This can help you detect all the components within the application. You will also learn how to install essential tools to start automation testing. To develop your projects independently, you don’t need prior knowledge of Ruby.

4. Selenium WebDriver with Java [Udemy]

If you wish to learn about Selenium WebDriver right from the start, this course is ideal. You can opt for this course even when you don’t have prior experience in coding or automation. Through this course, you will come across a diverse range of topics, which are:

  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Java Concepts
  • Automation Framework Design
  • TestNG Framework
  • Selenium WebDriver Advanced and Basics

The course will also teach you how to develop great reports with an excellent Advanced Reporting Tool. Moreover, you will learn how to implement Nonstop Incorporation Testing with Jenkins and many more.

5. Automation Testing Engineer Course [LinkedIn Learning]

Experts say that automation is changing the software testing method completely. That’s why having good knowledge of automation has become a stipulation for all testers. This particular software automation testing course from LinkedIn Learning is worth opting for. You will learn about all the techniques needed to speed up the:

  • The leap in software delivery
  • Enhance the quality
  • Stay relevant within your career

The course will teach you how to test out all the web applications with Selenium. You will also learn how to run tests, automate and write with Selenium Grid and Selenium WebDriver API. Besides that, the course will provide Selenium training to enhance your use of component interactions, advanced locators, etc.

6. Software Testing and Automation Specialization [Coursera]

This course is perfect for developers of all kinds of software. It will provide them with knowledge and skills for performing software testing on products before launching. The course begins with an introduction to software testing along with its advantages. After that, you will learn about white-box and black-box testing with practice. You will also learn about automation testing to generate a massive number of tests within a short time.

7. Automated Software Testing [edX]

This is the best automation testing course online, which is ideal for efficient work and quick outcomes. This course is from edX and carries topics and information on automated software testing. This course will teach you how to test all software with automation testing. You will also learn about the limitations of automation testing and develop testable architecture.

8. Automated Software Testing with Python [Udemy]

This is another great course where you can learn about automation testing through Python. The python automation testing course is from Udemy, created by Jose Salvatierra. He is one of the leading instructors in Udemy. Through this course, you will learn about automated software tests not just with Python but also with Postman, Selenium WebDriver, and BDD.

9. End-to-End [Pluralsight] Automated Testing

This course is ideal for all freelance developers who wish to learn more about automated testing. The topics and concepts of this course will help them get more productive, faster feedback and accelerated outcomes. Apart from the automation testing process, you will also learn about Functional UI Testing and Integration Testing. You will also come across an introduction to automation testing. There will also be an introduction to the difference between manual testing and the automation process.

10. Cucumber with Java-Build Automation Framework in Lesser Code [Udemy]

Are you a Java developer? Do you want to learn about automation testing? This course will be the right choice for you. You will learn about testing Java applications through this java automation testing course. This course is created by Rahul Shetty, a well-known software testing professional. You will learn about the Cucumber BDD approach. Through that approach, you can create powerful testing frameworks, such as API, Appium, and Selenium, with LESSER code.

End words

Automation testing has become extremely important today. You can take any of the automation testing courses mentioned in this post. Doing so can help you become a Software Tester and QA Analyst. Check out all the courses before you make the final decision.

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