Top 5 batsman with the highest strike rate in death overs in t20


Much of the T-20 World Cup will depend, as usual, on how batters play and guide their teams. In this format, batsmen must not only be responsible and score huge runs, but also maintain strong strike rates to guarantee that they score runs enough to increase their team’s chances of scoring big runs or pursuing big objectives.Therefore, it should come as no surprise that some of the players with the greatest hit rates in the T-20 World Cup also happen to be the most productive.These are the few players caught playing amazingly in some cricket short video.

Suryakumar Yadav :

Suryakumar Yadav was a slow learner in world cricket, but he adapted to T-20Is like a duck does to water and is currently India’s most effective T20 batsman. It is already astounding that Suryakumar Yadav does have a scoring rate of 176 in T20Is, and it increases to a completely startling 254 in the later innings.

In the eight T20 International innings that Suryakumar Yadav has batted in the slogging overs, he has smashed 14 sixes & 10 fours. He is among the most dangerous and game-changing batters in the world thanks to his propensity to knock boundaries off the first ball.Suryakumar Yadav made his first T20I century vs England in July 2022 at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, when England made 117 off 55 deliveries.  He is only the second player to attain the milestone while batting fourth or below in T20I, and the sole fifth Indian player overall. He scored 1000 runs in T20Is faster than any other batsman in history in October 2022, taking just 573 balls to do so against South Africa.

Yadav was ranked top among batsmen in ICC T20I ratings on October 30, 2022.

Rohit Sharma :

Rohit Sharma used to bat a lot in the death overs, but these days he tends to play an aggressive style of cricket that often results in his being out before the final overs even start. The world’s top T20I run scorer, Rohit, has batted 18 times during the final four overs of a T20I match, scoring 263 runs at a winning percentage of 205 and averaging 52.Sharma earned his Test debut against West Indies at Eden Gardens, Kolkata in November 2013, as part of Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement series, and hit 177, the second-highest total by an Indian in their Test debut, after Shikhar Dhawan (187). As in the test Series at his home venue, the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, he added to it with 111 (not out).

Sharma, who had been absent from the Test squad since 2017–18, travelled to Australia in 2018–19 after being called up early. His natural position suited the springy Australian surfaces, according to chief selection M. S. K. Prasad, who also stated the rationale for his comeback. Sharma participated in the inaugural Test at Adelaide and helped the Indians win with a score of 37 and 1.In 2021, Sharma played well for India against England. He hit a century that The Guardian deemed “deserves to be regarded one of greatest this century,” and was crucial to his team’s recovery after losing the first Tests at Chennai.  He scored 161 runs inside an innings that featured 18 fours & two sixes, adding 167 runs alongside Ajinkya Rahane again for the fourth wicket. India ultimately prevailed in the Test, 317 runs. His performances of 66 and 25, which helped his team win the lesser third Test at Ahmedabad, were the highest for his team in both innings.  The most runs for India in the series were scored by Sharma, who finished with 345 runs at an avg of 58.

KL Rahul :

Shikhar Dhawan was replaced at the top of the order by KL Rahul, who began his T20I debut in the middle order. KL Rahul has batted nine times in the final overs in T20Is thus far, scoring 110 runs at a scoring rate of 203. This further demonstrates how dangerous KL Rahul becomes as the game goes on and how hot he is by the close of the innings.Rahul was selected for said 2016 India to West Indies trip. Rahul joinedthe 2nd Test in Jamaica, where he achieved his then-best score of 158 and a strong strike rate of 107. In the meantime, he made his Test cricket debut history as the very first Indian batsman to have achieved a century in the Indies.  He scored an unbroken  110* from 51 deliveries in the initial T20I of the series. campaign in the Us, which was the speedy seconddecade (46 balls) recorded and the quickest from an Indian. He was also the fastest man in the world, setting a record as, the first player to hit 100 runs in both teams’ opening innings Test and ODIs.

Yuvraj Singh :

Yuvraj Singh, the lone Indian to hit six sixes in world cricket, was crucial to India’s victory at the 2007 T20 Cricket World Cup. Yuvraj developed into one of the hardest-to-bowl-to-batsmen in white-ball cricket, particularly during the slogging overs.Yuvraj played 21 times during the final four overs of a T20I, scoring 311 points at an astounding 199 strike rate. 31 sixes were hit during this part of the game by the left-hander.

Virat Kohli :

Virat Kohli, perhaps the best T20I batsman, is now only 25 runs below Rohit Sharma for the second-highest T20I score in history, although his avg of 50 is far better than Sharma’s 31.

When that comes to the top-order hitters in T20Is, Kohli is without a doubt the best chaser. As a result, he frequently ended games in the final overs. After settling into the first position, Kohli unleashed his arsenal of strokes to pounce on openings and used his strength to hit sixes.

Kohli had batted in the final overs an important 38 times in his 101 T20I innings to date, amassing 665 runs at a winning percentage of 195 and averaging 44 during this part of the play.


Strike rates are given a far greater priority in limited-overs cricket than they are in other forms of the game. Because each side only gets to see a certain amount of pitches throughout each inning, the more quickly a batter scores, the more runs their team is able to score. Over the last few years, it has been more typical for Twenty20 cricket teams to have strike rates that are greater than 150. The vast majority of people would agree that the strike rate of a batter is the single most important statistic in one-day cricket.

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