What Happens When You Fall Down the Stairs

Around half the households in America have at least one set of stairs within the home. While common, they can also be hazardous, especially for people with lower mobility. Every year, millions of people suffer from injuries resulting from falling down stairs. It is often an accident, but other times it could be due to negligence. Either way, because so many homes have a set of stairs, it is essential to know what happens if you ever fall down the stairs aditianovit.

How Often Does It Happens

It may surprise you to discover that according to a study done in 2017, there are around one million injuries every year caused by falling down the stairs. This means it is the second leading cause of accidental injuries throughout America oyepandeyji.

Although for the instances when it is not accidental and instead due to negligence, it is best to ensure that you have personal liability coverage in case of serious injury so you can receive any necessary medical attention.  

Common Injuries

Several injuries could occur when you fall down the stairs. For instance, you could suffer from an injury in your lower extremities, organ damage, or internal bleeding. There is also the threat of bones being broken. Commonly wrists and ankles are the bones most likely to be damaged. Your spine and neck could also receive damage as well as a traumatic brain injury. There is even the possibility of suffering from paralysis if the fall is severe. 

 Besides those more serious injuries, you will most likely suffer from lacerations, cuts, bruises, or sprains after falling down the stairs xotic news. Although not severe, you will want to watch for signs of a more serious injury.  

Common Causes

Most of the time, a fall down the stairs is entirely accidental. You could have lost your footing or been distracted as you went downstairs and fell. However, this is what occurs most often; other things happen that could also cause you to fall.

You could have fallen down the stairs due to a broken or loose handrail or the lack of a bar altogether. The stairs could be broken, or the carpet on the step could be torn or loose. There is also the chance that the stairs are uneven. There is something on the steps to make them slippery or random objects that could be a tripping hazard. 

Who Is At-Risk

According to a study done in 2017, the people who are most at risk of falling down the stairs are those with mobility impairments, older adults, and young children. Most commonly, it was discovered that those over the age of 85 and children under the age of three have the most significant risk of falling down stairs. 

Even though it has shown the elderly and young children are at the most risk, they are not the only ones who are vulnerable. Even those who are in the prime of their lives have the potential to trip and fall down stairs. 

Signs of Serious Injury

After the initial fall, it may appear that you have avoided serious injury, and you do not need to go to the hospital. But other times, you may be unsure if you have been severely injured. If you are uncertain how hurt you are, you should watch for these signs. 

The first is if you find that your back is in pain, and it worsens as time goes on. You could also suffer from regular headaches that come and go and remain over several days. If this happens, there is a possibility you will have a concussion.

You may also have a heightened sensitivity to loud noises or light, blurry vision, and constant muscle weakness. You may also experience swelling around the injury and numbness in your extremities. If you are experiencing pain and not responding to over-the-counter pain medication, it is time to seek medical attention.

Often, the result of falling down the stairs is due to an accident, but if negligence is involved, be sure to contact a lawyer and seek medical attention.

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