What is an Enthusiast?

While enthusiasm can be cathartic for some, it can also be disintegrative for others. In extreme forms, enthusiasm may be motivated by the hostility of others or a lack of self-control on the part of the enthusiast. While Mardi Gras and other Dionysian rituals may be cathartic for the less verbally-articulate, their meanings could be more obvious.

The definition of the word “enthusiast” is somewhat hazy. The meaning of the word could be more obvious if the object of enthusiasm were more obviously associated with the person’s ownership. Enthusiasm for motorcycles may be less obvious in a nine-year-old boy, for example, than in an adult who owns a bike. However, thousands of people still maintain high levels of involvement with their favorite sports teams or clubs.

In terms of marketing, the word enthusiast is also a useful branding strategy. It can help individuals enhance their individuality by creating the identity of an expert or an enthusiast. As a result, individuals can expect to be noticed and sought out. For instance, being introduced as a wine connoisseur or classic car collector can generate conversation and enhance one’s sense of superiority. While it may not be an obvious meaning for most, it has important benefits for consumers.

Interestingly, the word “enthusiast” can also refer to someone who believes in the mystical experience of God. Some enthusiasts claim this experience to be direct and impersonal, in contrast to the quietist, who claims that they are only accountable to God. These believers, in addition to being enthusiastic, often conclude that they are more spiritual and have reached a higher stage in the Christian life. They are able to engage in less restrained worship and show outward manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Hence, they believe that traditional Christianity stifles the Holy Spirit.

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